Meet the LOCALS: JustMyMemphis Partners Up with LOCAL Non-Profits to help them Thrive!
Non Profits | August 09, 2023
Discover how JustMyMemphis is teaming up with local non-profit organizations to create a thriving community. Explore how our partnership empowers local non-profits, promotes positive impact, and strengthens community bonds. Join us in supporting this init

"Empowering LOCAL Non-Profits: JustMyMemphis Unveils Upcoming LOCAL's Directory on the Digital NewsSTAND"

At JustMy, we're thrilled to introduce a powerful addition that's currently under construction - the upcoming LOCAL's directory on our Digital NewsSTAND. This exciting development aims to provide local non-profit organizations with increased visibility for their causes, a surge in volunteer engagement, and enhanced donation opportunities. How? By strategically amplifying their content across multiple platforms, reinforcing their presence within our ecosystem.

Anticipating Enhanced Visibility, Amplified Impact
Non-profit organizations will soon witness their content seamlessly integrated into our platform's listing pages. This means that their stories will be thoughtfully interspersed with related content on the NewsSTAND, expanding their reach even further. We're committed to sharing this content across social media platforms and optimizing it for enhanced discoverability on search engines, with a special focus on elevating visibility on Google.

Best of all, our basic membership for JustMyMemphis remains entirely free.

A Dedicated Commitment to Content and Community
Since our inception in 2019, we've passionately crafted over 3000 videos, a significant portion of which was dedicated to supporting non-profits across the Memphis region. To celebrate the growth of JustMyMemphis and the impending launch of our new LOCAL's directory, we're thrilled to present a unique 3-day offer exclusively for LOCAL non-profit organizations.

Why? Because we're committed to demonstrating firsthand that JustMy is, without question, Your Ultimate Business Partner.

About the NewsSTAND
The NewsSTAND: Your Hub for Community Stories, Impactful Causes, and Local Achievements. Discover the heart of your community through a diverse range of content, from inspiring stories to essential updates. The NewsSTAND is your bridge to staying connected and informed about what matters most in your area.

Start Your Journey Today!
Dear Local Non-Profits, we anticipate the imminent launch of a transformative tool that will amplify your impact and engagement. JustMyMemphis invites you to join us as we prepare to unveil the LOCAL's directory and extend the reach of your cause. Sign up now to be among the first to benefit from this groundbreaking opportunity.

#MeettheLOCALS for Non-Profits

Free Option

  • Listing on the NewsSTAND
  • Content Sharing
  • Digital Business Card for Your Organization
  • Subscription to the NewsSTAND
  • Subscription to Digital Monthly for Businesses and Non-Profits

Meet the LOCALS Package

  • This dynamic package comprises a year-long advertisement of your organization on JustMyMemphis
  • Tailored Digital Business Cards for your staff adorned with your organization's links and content
  • Branded Digital Business Card & Business Cards for Staff
  • Monthly content creation for your blog and shared on the NewsSTAND
  • 3 In-Kind Media Sponsorship packages to facilitate the promotion of your upcoming events.
  • All of this is bundled into an affordable single payment of $350.00.
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