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What if we could build community by resourcing hard-working individuals to overcome the basic obstacle of transportation? 

In 2017, Jay Martin (a visionary angel donor) had an idea for a non-profit organization that would support workforce development by using scooters to address the transportation issues that keep people from getting to work. When he shared his idea with Andy Nix (a problem-solving, plan-executing perpetual optimist), MyCityRides was born.

All over the world, people use scooters to get to work. So far, the US hasn’t embraced scooters as a viable form of daily transportation. We want to change that.

By offering scooters as part of a fixed-cost program, MyCityRides helps working people regain time and save money. Because when people have control of their time and money, they are empowered to live the lives they want.

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