The #FunCrew of JustMy has helped non-profit organizations raise over $4million and now we want to help your business or non-profit thrive using Digital Tools! We'll assign a concierge to learn more about what your goals are and guide you on how Digital Tools from JustMy can meet your business needs. We'll call to set-up the perfect time for you! Our Concierge service is a one-on-one sessions with one of our devoted team members! Let's #BeAmazing Together!

One-on-One Sessions

We won't pressure you to sign up, or up-sell you into a more expensive feature package. We'll always be upfront with you if our product isn't the best fit for your business. The best part about the service? It's 100% FREE.

Frequently asked questions ...

Sometimes finding what software or service actually fits your needs is hard work. We are here to be guides, consultants, advisors to helping you find the best fit, not just sell you a product.
Be ready for a person-to-person interaction that is geared towards alleviating your pain points. It starts with clearly defining the problem to yourself so that we can spend time with resolutions. Bring as many departments that your issue involves to the table so your team can get the most out of the experience.
You will describe how your processes currently work and what your goals are. With that insight we'll recommend software that fits your needs and explain why it would be helpful to utilize it.
There are more vendors than ever for software solutions, we are here to help you determine which tools fit your needs and how those tools synergize with current ones.
We are here to recommend digitalTOOLS so you can use them. A support team is better reached via our Support Page.
Nope it is F-R-E-E and organizations are always excited to hear about what JustMy has to offer which matters to our team.