UCAN of Memphis

Our mission is to strengthen young adolescents through mentoring, workforce development and bullying


UCAN of Memphis (You Can Achieve Now) Co-Founder and Executive Director Leshundra Robinson made it her mission to return to her former neighborhood in North Memphis to make a difference. She decided the best way to leave a more significant imprint would be to form an organization dedicated to serving the youth where she grew up.

Her best friend Ms. Kight’s son and Ms. Robinson’s son played basketball together for AAU at the Hollywood Community Center.  There was a young man who played on the team who was not showing much sportsmanship. He was a great player but he brought negativity to the team. He was rebellious to the coach and disruptive to the game; however, he had great potential but needed some guidance. Once Ms. Kight sat down and talked to the young man she realized he was feeling isolated because he didn’t have anyone there to support him like the other team players. There was no one there to cheer him on and he felt slighted. He was also having issues at school and at home that he couldn’t tell anyone. They then decided to be his support system and help him find the resources that he needed to be successful. At the end of the season, he received MVP and Most Improved. When Ms. Kight and Ms. Robinson went home they said, “If we can make a difference in one child, imagine what we can do with others.”

Kight & Robinson then decided to form an organization that could do just that. Many names were discussed, but the one that stood out was UCAN, which stands for You Can Acheive Now. They believe, with some guidance and support, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It doesn’t matter the zip code or the economic background you have, we all have a chance to make a difference and it starts now. 

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