"Navigating Back to School with ADHD: Strategies for Success in Memphis"
Education | July 20, 2023
Learn how to support children with ADHD in Memphis as they transition back to school with helpful strategies, resources, and tips for a successful school year.

The transition back to school can be challenging for children with ADHD, but with the right strategies and support, they can thrive in the classroom. In this article, we'll explore various approaches and resources available in Memphis to help children with ADHD succeed in school.

Establish Routines and Set Goals

Creating a consistent daily routine can help children with ADHD manage their time and tasks more effectively. Establish morning, after-school, and bedtime routines to provide structure and predictability. Encourage your child to set goals for the school year, focusing on areas where they may need extra support or improvement.

 Create a Supportive Learning Environment

Designate a quiet, distraction-free study space at home for your child to complete homework and study. Equip this area with necessary supplies and consider using visual aids, such as calendars and schedules, to help your child stay organized.

 Collaborate with Teachers and School Staff

Maintain open communication with your child's teachers and school staff to ensure they are aware of your child's ADHD diagnosis and any accommodations they may need. Share strategies that have been successful at home and inquire about classroom accommodations, such as preferential seating or additional time for assignments.

 Utilize Local Resources

In Memphis, ADHD Memphis provides evaluation, treatment, and coaching services for individuals with ADHD. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center's Center on Developmental Disabilities also offers an ADHD clinic, providing specialized care from developmental pediatrics and social work professionals.

Encourage Physical Activity and Breaks

Regular physical activity can help improve attention and focus for children with ADHD. Encourage your child to participate in sports or other physical activities, and allow for short breaks during homework or study sessions to help maintain focus.

 Foster Social Skills

Children with ADHD may struggle with social situations, so it's essential to provide opportunities for them to develop and practice social skills. Encourage your child to join clubs or participate in group activities, and consider seeking guidance from a therapist or counselor if needed.

By implementing these strategies and utilizing available resources in Memphis, parents can help their children with ADHD navigate the challenges of going back to school and set them up for a successful academic year.

pics credits: Eduscation Week 


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