Angel Eyes Vision

Angel Eyes Vision is a values-led team of eye doctors and technicians. We see you, so you see better!


Introducing Angel Eyes Vision: Memphis' Trusted Eye Care Professionals

JustMyMemphis proudly presents Angel Eyes Vision, a values-led team of dedicated eye care professionals committed to providing exceptional service and superior vision care to the Memphis community.

With a patient-centric approach, Angel Eyes Vision sees every individual as a friend, family member, or neighbor. This personalized approach extends to their practice of delivering excellent health care with a warm smile and a relentless focus on customer service.

As a tightly-knit team, Angel Eyes Vision works tirelessly to serve their patients, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Their commitment to their values further enhances the care they provide:

1. Patients Come First: Angel Eyes Vision recognizes the value of each patient and refuses to compromise on delivering quality care that protects sight and promotes overall health.

2. Lean Forward to Serve: Going the extra mile is standard practice at Angel Eyes Vision. From the moment patients step into their clinic, they are met with smiles and offered assistance in finding the perfect frames, making their visit comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Be Wise Stewards: Trust is paramount at Angel Eyes Vision, and they strive to be wise stewards of their patients' time and resources. They maximize efficiency while ensuring the best value for each individual.

4. Be a Great Teammate: Angel Eyes Vision believes in the power of teamwork. They value each team member and invest in building a strong spirit of collaboration, which ultimately benefits their patients.

At the helm of Angel Eyes Vision is Dr. Angela Milam, a Memphis native and highly skilled optometrist. Dr. Milam's journey began at White Station High School and continued with her education at the University of Tennessee. After gaining experience in the optometry field, Dr. Milam founded Angel Eyes Vision in 2020, driven by her passion for exceptional eye care and her commitment to the local community.

Assisting Dr. Milam are a team of knowledgeable optometry technicians who bring expertise and enthusiasm to each patient's care. Alyssa, Ariona, CJ, Keisha, Kelly, Lauren, and others contribute their skills to ensure a personalized and comfortable experience.

Angel Eyes Vision's office staff, including co-founder and business manager Drew Dickson, along with Amy Stone and Warren Jackson, play vital roles in the smooth operation of the practice. Their collective expertise ensures that patients receive the highest level of care and attention.

JustMyMemphis invites you to experience the difference at Angel Eyes Vision, where personalized eye care meets exceptional service. Trust Angel Eyes Vision to be your dedicated eye care partner, dedicated to providing superior vision care to the Memphis community.