Whitehaven Celebrates Unity and Empowerment at Save Our Sons Inaugural 5K/1 Mile Race
Local & National News | September 23, 2023
Learn about the successful Save Our Sons Inaugural 5K/1 Mile Race in Whitehaven, which brought the community together to celebrate unity and empowerment while supporting the Memphis Urban League's SOS program.

The Whitehaven community came together on Saturday, September 23, 2023, to participate in the Save Our Sons Inaugural 5K/1 Mile Race, organized by the Memphis Urban League. The event was a resounding success, attracting over 500 supporters and approximately 260 runners. This gathering not only emphasized the positive influence of the Save Our Sons (SOS) program but also showcased the solidarity and resilience of the Whitehaven community and the Southland Mall area.

Southland Mall: A Pillar of the Whitehaven Community

Southland Mall, built in 1966, was the first enclosed mall in the Mid-South and has been a significant part of the Whitehaven community for decades. The mall has faced challenges over the years, but events like the Save Our Sons race bring positive attention to the area and help to revitalize the community.

Save Our Sons: Empowering Young African-American Men

The Save Our Sons initiative, created by the Memphis Urban League, focuses on empowering African-American males aged 18 to 34 in Memphis and Shelby County. The program aims to advance workforce readiness and life skills by providing resources for workforce training, financial literacy, family building, and health and wellness. By supporting the SOS program, businesses and individuals can help transform the lives of these young men and contribute to building a stronger, more resilient Memphis.

A Day of Celebration and Community Building

The Inaugural 5K/1 Mile Race was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of the SOS program's mission and the positive impact it has on the Whitehaven community. Participants and the public were invited to a vibrant community block party co-hosted by the Greater Whitehaven Economic Redevelopment Corporation (GWERC) and MEMFIX after the race. The event provided an opportunity for the community to come together, support the SOS program, and enjoy a fun-filled day.

Acknowledging Community Support

Pearl Walker, who is running for Memphis City Council District 3, was the only person in office or running for office to come out and support the event. Her presence highlights the importance of community leaders in promoting positive change and supporting initiatives like Save Our Sons.

Addressing Media Coverage Disparities

While local press often covers negative events in the Whitehaven community, none of them came out to cover this positive event. By sharing the success of the Save Our Sons race, we can help to shift the narrative and bring attention to the positive aspects of the Whitehaven community.

Celebrating the Impact of Memphis Urban League and Save Our Sons

The Memphis Urban League and its Save Our Sons project have had a significant impact on the Whitehaven community by hosting this event at the Southland Mall. The event's success also highlights the important role of organizations like MEMFIX in making such events happen.

The Save Our Sons Inaugural 5K/1 Mile Race was a much-needed success story for the Whitehaven community, the Memphis Urban League, and the Save Our Sons program. The event showcased the power of unity and collaboration in creating positive change and highlighted the importance of investing in the future of our communities.

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