Making Moves for Memphis: Karen Camper's Proven Leadership | Written by: Sharen Rooks
Local & National News | August 14, 2023
Dive into Karen Camper's stellar 15-year journey in the Tennessee General Assembly and her remarkable accomplishments for Memphis.

Written by: Sharen Rooks

In the race for Memphis Mayor, numerous dedicated candidates are vying for your vote, each presenting visions of a brighter, more prosperous Memphis. Among them stands Karen Camper, a candidate whose legacy is already deeply intertwined with the city's success.

Karen's commitment to Memphis is evident in her impressive 15-year tenure in the Tennessee General Assembly. During this time, she has successfully secured significant funding for pivotal projects in Bluff City. A clear testament to her leadership capabilities came when she was elected as the first Black woman in Tennessee's history to lead her party in the State Legislature. Despite her party being in the super minority, this didn't deter Camper from consistently delivering for Memphis.

Her accomplishments are vast and varied. From securing funds for vital cultural institutions like the Lorraine Civil Rights Museum and The Brooks Museum of Art, to projects that beautify the city and boost tourism like Riverfront Development, the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park Campground, and resurrecting the Southern Heritage Classic in Memphis. Camper has always ensured Memphis gets its due share. Beyond these, she has also advocated for workforce development, education, family services, economic development, public safety, and capital improvements.

One of her most significant achievements was playing an instrumental role in bringing Blue Oval City to West Tennessee. This project, one of the largest economic developments in state history, promises to usher in a transformative era of growth, attracting various industries and creating thousands of well-paying jobs.

As the mayoral election draws closer, Karen Camper's track record speaks volumes about her capabilities. Memphis needs a leader who can bring diverse groups together, fostering a safer, healthier, and stronger community. Camper’s history shows she might just be the candidate to do that. The city's future beckons, and with supporters rallying behind her, she’s poised to lead Memphis into a brighter tomorrow.

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Karen Camper! Positioned to Lead!


Karen Camper! Positioned to Lead!


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