I have the world’s best dad
no, really, I do!
By Chef Josh

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I have the best dad in the whole world. No, really, I do! I am the man I am today because of having such a great dad. I know a lot of people in this world don’t have good father figures, and I am honored to have a good one. He grew up without a father, so I don’t know how he learned to be such a good one. He has always done the right thing throughout my successes and failures no matter what. He always helped me be the better person. I wouldn’t be anywhere without him being such a strong father figure. He is always there just to answer the phone and help me make the right decision whether it be business or personal. That is a good father.
I can be proud of myself because I look at myself and know that I am a product of my dad. Dads are supposed to be indestructible, but my dad let us know he is human. I have seen him struggle, cry, laugh, be angry, and with no hope at times. However, at the end of the day, he always pulls through and shares those lessons with us, so I know how to handle what life throws at me.

He has been instrumental in helping me

My dad taught me selflessness—something I have to practice daily as being a chef and running a kitchen. I have to look after my staff and customers, even on days I might be tired or struggling. I remember when I was younger and afraid of the dark, my dad would have worked a long shift and come home and sit outside my room until I fell asleep, just so I knew I was safe from any monsters. Looking back, I know he was probably dead tired, but he wanted me to feel loved and safe, so he sacrificed his time for me. Those little things have spoken to me more than he will ever know and have shaped me into the man I am today.  

I really feel like I am a good leader because I am a follower to a great leader. My dad taught me to be a good leader requires the humbleness in walking along side of your people and that is what makes you truly successful. I grew up watching my dad love on and coach all of his children, employees, friends and family. Whoever needed a helping hand or a word of encouragement, there my dad was with a hand reaching out. He taught me love, humility, self-awareness, and kindness.
I wouldn’t be the Executive Chef and Owner of Strano without him. He has been instrumental in helping me with business plans and reaffirming to me that this is my calling and where to step up. There is no way I would have been able to start a restaurant at 23 and grow it to something even bigger at 27 without the love, guidance, and support of both of my parents. I am the luckiest guy in the entire world to have close siblings, a sweet and caring mom, and a strong and loving dad leading the way for all of us.

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