Fighting Poverty. Accelerating Impact. The Slingshot Memphis Story
Local & National News | May 10, 2024
Slingshot's mission is to ignite a movement that revolutionizes the way we fight poverty in Memphis.

Slingshot Memphis is a pioneering nonprofit organization dedicated to revolutionizing poverty-fighting effectiveness in Memphis. Founded on the belief that we cannot change the trajectory of poverty in Mempihs without a rigorous understanidng of what is actually effective at reducing poverty, Slingshot empowers our community to dramatically reduce poverty.

Mission and Vision

Slingshot's mission is to catalyze a movement that revolutionizes poverty-fighting effectiveness. Their vision is for all Memphians, regardless of social or economic circumstances, to have equitable opportunities for personal and economic success. This vision is rooted in the understanding that poverty is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach, involving not only financial support but also the development of programs and services that are effective at addressing the root causes of poverty.

Slingshot Impact Study

Slingshot's impact study is a one-of-a-kind approach to fighting poverty. This process involves conducting evidence-based studies of local poverty-fighting organizations to identify their poverty-fighting strengths and opportunities, as well as weveral ways they can increase their poverty-fighting impact. The impact study assesses an organization's poverty-fighting effectiveness using Slingshot's proprietary methodology, which includes four dimensions: benefit-cost ratio, use of best practices, measurement infrastructure, and systems collaboration. The impact study provides a comprehensive profile of an organization's programs, interventions, and poverty-fighting impact, serving as a baseline for future assessments.

Investment Methodology

Each year, Slingshot raises money from those in the community who want to ensure their philanthropy is making a difference. Slingshot invests 100 percent of these funds in the poverty-fighting organizations it studies based on their effectiveness at improving the quality of life for those experiencing poverty. Their investment methodology allocates these funds based on the results of the organizations impact studies, with greater funds allocated to those that are most effective and that have shown the most improvement. This approach ensures that investments are made in the most expeditious and impactful way possible, accelerating the reduction of poverty and the creation of equitable opportunities for all Memphians.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Slingshot collaborates with various organizations, including poverty-fighting organizations, to study their effectiveness and identify opportunities for growth. These partnerships are crucial in creating a comprehensive understanding of the poverty-fighting ecosystem in Memphis and in developing effective solutions to address the root causes of poverty.

Impact and Insights

Slingshot's impact and insights are a testament to the effectiveness of their approach. Their impact studies have identified opportunities for greater impact, which have been implemented by the organizations they work with. These opportunities include enhancing poverty-fighting outcomes, improving academic, social-emotional, and mental health outcomes, and increasing access to equitable opportunities for personal and economic success.

Slingshot Memphis is a beacon of hope in the fight against poverty. Their innovative approach, rooted in empathy, equity, objectivity, rigor, transparency, and urgency, has the potential to revolutionize the way we fight poverty in Memphis. By providing previously unavailable insights about poverty-fighting outcomes, Slingshot empowers decision makers to allocate resources toward solutions that produce effective outcomes for those experiencing poverty. As the community continues to embrace Slingshot's methodology, we can expect to see a measurable reduction in poverty and an acceleration of access to equitable opportunities for all Memphians.


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