Thriving Industries and Business Trends in Memphis, TN
Business 101 | July 26, 2023
Discover the thriving industries and business trends shaping the Memphis, TN market, including transportation and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, small business growth, agribusiness, and technology. Learn how these sectors contribute to the city's d

Memphis, Tennessee, is a city with a diverse economy and a hub for various thriving industries. In this article, we will explore some of the key industries and business trends that are shaping the Memphis market.

Transportation and Logistics

Memphis is known as America's Distribution Center, thanks to its strategic location and extensive transportation infrastructure. The city is home to the Memphis International Airport, FedEx Corporation, and the convergence of five Class I intermodal railroads. This has led to significant growth in the transportation and logistics sector, making it one of the top industries in Memphis.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare and life science industry in Memphis has experienced substantial growth in recent years. With globally recognized hospitals and a robust medical device manufacturing sector, the industry's economic output grew by 45.2% over the past decade. This growth has led to increased employment opportunities and further development in the sector.


Manufacturing is another significant industry in Memphis, with several major companies headquartered in the city, such as International Paper Company, Nucor Steel Memphis Inc., and Sharp Manufacturing of America. The manufacturing sector has seen steady growth, contributing to the overall economic development of the region.

Small Business Growth

Memphis has experienced a surge in small business growth, with many entrepreneurs finding success in the city. The local government and organizations like the Greater Memphis Chamber and Pathway Lending have been instrumental in supporting small businesses through various programs and initiatives. This support has led to a thriving small business community that contributes to the city's economic growth.

Agribusiness and Agtech

Memphis has a strong agribusiness sector, with a significant portion of the nation's cotton crop being traded in the city. In addition to cotton, Memphis is a prime marketing center for hardwood, wood and paper products, and a major processor of soybeans, meats, and other foods. The city's focus on agribusiness and agtech has attracted investment and innovation in the sector.

Technology and Innovation

The technology sector is also making its mark in Memphis, with companies like Brother Industries USA, Buckman Laboratories, and Medtronic Sofamor Danek having their headquarters in the city. The growth of the technology industry has led to increased job opportunities and further economic development in the region.

In conclusion, Memphis, TN, is a city with a diverse and thriving economy, driven by industries such as transportation and logistics, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, small business growth, agribusiness, and technology. These industries and business trends are shaping the Memphis market and contributing to its overall economic growth.


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