The only goal

You should set this year

by Alden Zuck

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It's a new year, new me!

T his is the quote that I read on every social media outlet many, many, many times. It is a quote from newly motivated and highly enthusiastic individuals that are ready to create new goals to achieve high things and bring great change to their lives.

Now, it sounds like I am about to rip on people who post this, although as cliché as it is, I actually encourage it! Goals are all about mindset and attitude. In fact, life circles around how YOU decide to react to certain situations and events that occur in your daily life. (read that again and let it soak in) You have so much more control of your life than you think. The first step to taking massive action on your life isn’t to focus on your secondary goals such as getting a promotion, finding a fiancé, or being a happier person. You must first focus on your primary goals that will then automatically create a natural exponential growth to your secondary goals. So, what is a good primary goal that an individual should take on? Exercise!


It's March, don't let 2018 get away from you!

Yes, I said it.


If you are like most, you are probably disappointed to hear this answer as a primary goal because it is the one thing that many folks try to get into but fail to reach past the 3 week mark of the new year. Well, this year is different because I am about to share with you just a small portion of the reasons why you should tackle this primary goal.

Three reasons to tackle exercise as your primary goal

1. Aesthetics isn’t the main goal.

Many people will go into a new year with a lofty goal of exercising and will constantly be stepping on the scale or looking in the mirror for results that will keep them motivated. Although, doing this will actually bring you down instead of encouraging you to keep going. I am not saying it is bad to set goals of losing weight or gaining muscle and looking better, but this is actually the secondary goals inside the primary goal. Confused yet? Let me explain in a simple sentence: Focus on improving your performance rather than your physical results, once you do this your body will change and improve much faster. Primary goals naturally bleed into your secondary goals.

2. Confidence

There is nothing else that you can do and start implementing today that will create more confidence in your life than exercising. If you commit to a four, five, six, or seven day work out plan, even if it’s just a small amount per day, than that will become the gas that you need to get your personal “car” from point A to point B to Point C et cetera. Cheesy? For sure. True? No doubt. Confidence is key, and when you naturally gain confidence from exercising than this will bleed into your secondary goals and secondary aspects of your life that you didn’t even realize were there. Who knew one goal could achieve so many?

3. Secondary Improvements

If you haven’t gotten motivated to start a plan just yet, then let me just quickly list a few more secondary aspects of your life that will improve and then I’ll tell you why I put them all together:

1. It will make you a happier person, your endorphins will fly and dopamine will be released.

2. It will improve your motivation for other things. If you can set in discipline to eat certain things and exercise a specific number of times per week than this discipline will be much easier to recreate.

3. Friends, your spouse, your kids, your boss or employees. These are all people that will be affected by you. The most inspirational phrase that came into my head after hearing how a young man’s life was changed through my smallest actions and words was this: You will never understand the full impact you will have on others. Through exercising, it will in turn create much more meaningful relationships in your life. I’ll just leave that there.

All of these things work together. Motivation, your relationships, being happy, confidence (I could go on). Increase one of these things and it will naturally begin to increase the other. Primary goals naturally bleed into secondary goals. Starting to make sense?

Think outside the box

Thrown under the bus

Reinvent the wheel

This article is being brought to you by Absolute Moving Services!

If at this point you are still considering not implementing daily exercise into your week, then let me point out some of the few important health benefits that will occur and why you should start now rather than later:

1. Research proves that exercise can keep the brain sharp into old age and may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and many other mental disorders.
2. Consistent exercise will actually bring out more of an energy stimulant than ADHD medicine or coffee.
3. Reduces stress
4. Calms your anxiety and depression
5. Control addiction
6. You will sleep better
7. Lowers your risk of diabetes
8. Lowers your resting heart rate.
9. Live longer
10. Decrease your risk of cancer
11. Lose the hidden fat inside your body along with outside
12. Strengthens your bones and will prevent osteoporosis.
13. Increases your Immune system.
14. May reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, and gastrointestinal hemorrhage.
15. Reduces risk of heart disease
16. More flexibility, therefore less stiff joints and arthritis
17. Reduce back pains


I could go on and on with the amount of health benefits there are to exercising. Set this as your primary goal and it will naturally bleed into your secondary goals (Getting annoyed yet?).

Now it’s time to take action. Create a plan or use a workout app to get you started meeting your goals and join a community of people that want to also workout regularly and start that accountability. Just remember this: focus on increasing your exercise performance weekly and not on the secondary goals, those will happen on its own. Now go enjoy the new you this 2018!

Go Live a #BeAmazing Life!