By Jerome Robinson

Memphis you have to meet Hugh Balthrop! He is the founder and president of Sweet Magnolia Gelato Company. I so want to start off by telling you how big of a supporter Hugh is of non profit and community organizations, but the real story here is his amazing Gelato.

Sweet Magnolia Gelato Company was started at home by Hugh, he was not really creating a business.  It started because he just wanted to be a great dad and make his kids some ice cream.  This quickly turned into him being trained in one of the finest schools in the country.  As he perfected his skills, he decided to create Sweet Magnolia Ice Cream Company.  Today the company has changed it’s name to better represent it’s product.  The new name is Sweet Magnolia Gelato Company.  Hugh is bringing his product to the JustMyMemphis digital newsstand.  Each month look for new things you can do with the amazing flavors of gelato made by the company.  Plus see what he and his team are doing in the community.

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More About Sweet Magnolia Gelato Company

Sweet Magnolia Ice Cream Co. Is a small batch artisan gelato company located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

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