night of 1000 stars

by Jerome Robinson

This article is being brought to you by The Memphis Urban League, Follow Us in the Countdown to 75!

We don’t talk much about the stuff that’s really great at here in Memphis. I am not sure why that is. I mean why are the topics for conversation centered on how bad things are, when there are so many great things we could be focused on. Well I decided it was time I have a dream to! My dream is a Night of 1000 Stars in Memphis!

Imagine for a moment that we as a city, stepped up and used two of our greatest assets to make national news for something positive. Explore with me the idea of local Memphis artists creating an album of fifteen singles with proceeds going to local non-profit organizations. This would put a national spotlight on Modern Memphis Music while also sharing the giving spirit of our city by helping to bringing financial support and exposure to fifteen local community organizations.

My dream gets kind of specific here, I want to host a concert event on Giving Tuesday where we bring together the artist and the organizations they support for a concert event like this city has never seen before. Oh and I also want the album supporting this to go to Number One on the iTunes charts for that week! The location for this Star-Studded event has not been decided yet, but mark your calendars for Giving Tuesday. This is the first Tuesday after Black Friday!

But what is the meaning of Night of 1000 Stars? The first planned single from this event is a remake of the song Diamonds by Rhianna, performed by Memphis R&B artist Karen Brown. The song will be preformed live with a choir and the audience of more than 1000 voices will be invited to sing the course. This song was selected as a tribute song for the Memphis Urban League in celebration of their 75th Anniversary in Memphis!

This is not an R&B album, it is not a pop album, this is not black or white, this is not republican or democrat, this is Memphis Music and every shade, creed, and soul needs to be in it. Memphis can #BeAmazing for everything that it is, and this event has a goal of making this known to the world!

In order for this to work, it has to embrace the entire city. So we need your help, it’s time for you to help us select local organizations that you want to support. Then tell us what artists you want featured on this album. This album is going to be the best of Memphis and it is going to include the entire city.

In conclusion, we are all blessed with our own unique gifts. I want you all to remember that there is always room for positive, upbuilding forces in this world. So never sell yourself short. Always believe in yourself, accomplish your goals, and look for ways to inspire others.

15 songs, 15 music videos, and 15 causes all come together for one night of real Memphis Music. Get ready for a Night of 1000 Stars!


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