a Clear & Present Daily Danger

by Michelle Land

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A Problem that Keeps Coming Back!

The City SAYS they are taking care of the Potholes to the tune of the Mayors estimation of over 24,000. However, my information tells a different story. On our FB page Memphis Potholes…a clear and present daily danger you will note where residents have posted pictures of the same potholes. Also, even after they have been reported and supposedly filled they are popping up in the notifications again.

I am not sure what the City is doing. I have made a Public records request to get the information where these 24,000 filled potholes are so that my team can visit each site and access the validity of the City’s claim to repair. I have not received and answer to my request and I do not expect to.

I’m looking for a resolution to the problem. At the very least for the claims to be paid in a timely fashion and that the potholes be repaired within a reasonable length of time by using a good product and taking pride in the work these crews are doing. You will see on the FB site where the report is a few shovels full of substandard asphalt is dumped into the hole and may or not be patted down. The Mayor has stated there are 50 crews of 12 workers. My observers have seen trucks with only 2 and never more than 7.

The citizens of Memphis should NOT give up the fight, In the 21 days that our Facebook page has existed we have almost 1300 members. These folks have reported to the tune of over 5000 posts. We are gathering documentation of claims that have been denied and are planning to follow through with Court action. Public safety and infrastructure are of utmost importance to the citizens.

Community Notes . . .

This is the second time I have reported it along with about 3 other people. They have again closed it stating no potholes or issues. There is a gaping hole in the expansion piece on the entrance ramp going east bound from Humphrey’s to get on to walnut grove. WTF first reported on 2-18 and again on 3-8 everyone go hit it and bust your tires up so that we can make them pay for it!! More than enough time to repair this issue.

Tonya M


I called the Mayor’s office to report two holes in the street. The lady said, “we are not fixing your car, but what is the address where the holes are? I said”I don’t, have a address, they are at the corner of Raleigh Lagrange and Goodlett Road and Whitten Road. She said it again, We are not fixing your car.’ I said, “But the holes messed up the two tires on the front of my car and cracked my wind shield. She hung up the phone.
Wilma J

SO…just got a message from John Herold. The City won’t accept our list of potholes and the guards are banning him from the building. #newAList #unconstitutional #noway

Chuck B, This kind of abusive action by government breeds activism at best and apathy at worst. Unfortunately the latter in greater numbers. Most of us are too busy trying to pay taxes, fees, licenses and insurance to fight the oppressors first hand but we should kick sand in their eyes by helping activists as much as possible.

Zorina B, They can’t handle the truth about the number of potholes the city has. Also, they can say they were never reported in order to not pay claims. We need to flood 311 & SeeClickFix with every pothole we have on the list.


This morning while traveling down Germantown Pkwy towards Dexter this morning on the way to church I witness a city truck slowing down traffic. They are traveling about 10 mph with a bed of asphalt and shovels! I’m assuming these fine workers are the “trash” crew that Strickland has knighted to be part of the “pothole” crew! They are shoveling loose asphalt into random potholes along their little route and jumping back in and cruising on down the line! I’m telling you there is nothing more pleasant than the sound of asphalt being flung all over the underneath of my truck!
Marisa T


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