Although not a traditional Gospel artist Kayden was nominated for Best Youth Artist for his anti-bullying / empowering message that is the core of all of his material.  JustMyMemphis sits down with Kayden’s dad Kevin Bowie to talk about his win and more!


Tell us about the nomination of Kayden for the Young Artist category in the first Annual Gospel Awards

The nomination itself came as a surprise and to be perfectly honest, we had not prepared any acceptance speech prior to hearing his name called. Then to have to added shock of knowing Kayden received over 11,000 of the total 28,000 votes for the entire event was mind blowing.

Why was this important to Kayden?

It was important to Kayden because it was validation for all of the late nights recording, make up work he’s had to complete while facilitating his bullying event in schools throughout the school year and just simply as a confidence builder. After leaving the event he even said “I’m so proud of myself..” Hearing that gave me the most awesome feeling ever.

Tell us how Kayden got started Rapping about Bullies

As the story goes, because I was there, lol, Kayden and I read a story on Yahoo News about Jasmine McClain who was a ten year old beautiful little lady that after being bullied for most of the school year decided to hang herself.. This prompted me to call Kayden in to do a quick check to make sure he wasn’t experiencing anything of the sort. After having him read the story he left the room but he couldn’t stop coming back to ask questions as if he couldn’t full grasp the fact that kids treat other kids so bad, and worse to have the end result be suicide especially at the age of ten completely shocked him. It was at that point that we both decided although his music was positive, there was also a bigger issue that could also be addressed. The result was his first anti-bullying single titled “What If”…

What impact is his music having?

From the feedback and interaction Kayden has received during this anti-bullying events, his music allows kids his age to open up and be more candid about bullying.. There are always many personal stories that come out of the sessions which is the first step in dealing with this epidemic..

What was Kayden’s reaction to winning the Young Artist Category?

Priceless… As I said earlier, we didn’t have an acceptance speech prepared.. Kayden also performed at the event so our focus was so heavy on the performance end, that we forgot to address what to do if he won. When his name was announced he turned around to me, mouth wide open, with the deer in headlights big eyes and said WOW, are you kidding me! Now what? My response “ You are on your own, they want you up there not me..” lol He did a wonderful job at the acceptance, very professional and polished..

What is the next big thing for Kayden?

Well Kayden is gearing up to hit the Hard Rock Café in the next couple of months date to be determined. We are still looking forward the official release of his upcoming anti-bullying cd titled: Turn Down 4 Bullies, working with you awesome folks at as a junior reporter, continuing to record great music and just being a kid.

Kevin what message do you want to send to other Memphis parents?

My message to parents would be to be observant of your kids strengths, areas for improvement and talents. Work with them to improve their improvement areas and do everything you can to accent their individual talents. Everyone is great at something, it’s up to us as parents to identify it do everything in our power to help them succeed while guiding them. Be your child’s biggest cheerleader and challenge them to be better than they even thought they could be. If you aren’t these things no one else will..

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