JustMy Home Ideas: Just get started and you can #BeAmazing

May 21, 2016 | HomeIdeas

By: Jerome Robinson

Making changes in your life are as easy as getting started.  A few months back I decided to start working on the next chapter of my life.  One of the things I knew I wanted to do was to create a home decor that was a reflection of my life and the life I want with my little girl.

Divorce may have robbed us of the future we had planned, but that did not mean that we couldn’t have a new and better plan.  So mommy and daddy are not together, there is a new step dad, and I can’t be there to say good night and help with her prays.  But what I can do is make her time with me something we both cherish.  So this is my motivation for my #BeAmazing JustMy Home Ideas.  You are going to have your own motivation for making your home an amazing place.  JustMy Home Ideas is a place to share your ideas and find tips and advice from local experts.  So let’s #BeAmazing together!

Black paint and a Canvas is all I needed . . .

My goal, create a painting to match the Target shower curtain to start a theme for the guest restroom.  My little girl wants it just for herself, but I have to make the parental vote on this one.  We are going to have guest over so we need a restroom for them.  So I decided to try my hand at painting again.

My Steps

  • Have an idea.  In this case I went to Target and picked up this inexpensive shower curtain and decided to create a theme around it.
  • Next I needed a pencil to draw up my idea on a canvas
  • Once I was ok with the drawing, notice it’s not perfect.  Being Amazing is about taking positive action.  I am not perfect today, but I can give it my best.
  • Next I used Winsor & Newton acrylic Mars Black paint to go over my drawing
  • Let it dry and hung it on the wall.
  • Now this is just the second step in making this restroom over.  The first thing was to paint the walls a lite grey. For painting the house I called Mark Streeter of Titan Group LLC Roofing & Painting. These guys are amazing by the way!