Friends of gaisman

making berclair beautiful!

by Justin Flowers and Alden Zuck

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Chris Collier is with the Friends of Gaisman and has been working in Gaisman Park for the past four years to make it a safe and more beautiful space. Sadly, the facilities in Gaisman Park have fallen into disrepair and Collier is working to get it back into shape.

They have had great results through their efforts in removing obsolete structures, improving the walking path, and eliminating trash in the park. People are starting to notice how beautiful this park really is and the attendance is slowly rising!

This April the 14th from 9am to 12pm they will be doing a clean up at Gaisman Park. They will be building flower beds and planting flowers, installing freshly painted wood on park benches, and simply coming together as a community to make Memphis a better place. Capping off the morning, they will celebrate Gaisman, Berclair, and the community with a block party complete with food, games, and fun!

If you cannot contribute in that way, Collier asks if you could visit with the project “Friends of Gaisman” and make a donation. Because of the wonderful sponsors such as Autozone, International Paper, Heights CDC, The Berclair Neighborhood Watch, Clean Memphis and Memphis City Beautiful Commission, they are getting close to reaching their numbers. However, they still need help in making this park a more beautiful and vibrant space that reflects the energy and diversity of Memphis.

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Why we are doing it

“Instilling pride through beautification helps reduce crime. Giving our children a safe, clean environment within which to grow and play is our duty. Getting neighbors to engage with one another and work towards a common goal increases our stability as a community.”

The Steps                          

November 2017 through early February 2018- We will identify areas that can be improved.

Early February 2018-  We will assemble our team. We will include people who are the best and brightest at affecting change in our neighborhood and whose dedication is unwavering.

February through March- We will reach out to several churches and organizations in our community and ask them to join us in this celebration of nature and community.

March 2018-  We will be acquire materials, schedule volunteers, and finalize our plans for food and entertainment.

April 5-12-  We will paint the boards for and prepare the exterior surfaces of the park’s benches.

April 14 – Project Day!

A little goes a long way!

$5 Can help with the soil and mulch. The canvas on which we create.
$10 Can help us get flowers for our park at the entryway and in flower beds.
$25 Can help refurbish one of several park benches that need repair.
$50 Will help install planter boxes for the butterfly garden and other seasonal plants.
We hope you will consider donating at and help to refurbish the wonderful park of Gaisman!

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