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By Britney Thornton

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You are young, pregnant, and live in Orange Mound.  

The life growing inside of you eats what you eat, goes where you go, and lives the way you live.  You wonder how your baby will be affected by the income per capita being less than $17,347?  How will you beat the 64% chance that your child will not make over $29,900 as an adult?  How living in a food desert will pose a challenge for the life of your beloved bundle of joy?

“I will do the best I can,” you say.  Despite the generational poverty, I shall overcome.  Beyond the food access crisis, I shall endure.  Withstanding transportation challenges, I will find a way. 

Truth be told, your due date feels more like dooms day.  How you are to protect and provide for the life in side of you is beyond you.  You mean well but deep inside you question if your best will be good enough.  You need help but do not know where to begin.

Somewhere in the community, a non-profit leader desires to host a community baby shower.  She reaches out to friend Carey Moore at The House, a women’s resource center located at Semmes and Carnes—she loves the idea and would love to serve as the venue for the event.

She reaches out to other personal contacts and starts to mobilize a team of service providers for pregnant mothers.  She learns about a midwife/nurse practitioner Nikia Grayson on Facebook and reaches out—she would love to participate!  

She even learns that there is already an annual baby shower hosted by the Orange Mound Civic Club and reaches out with the organizers to collaborate.  Fortunately, they are looking to expand the event and love the idea of hosting the community baby shower in August.  Things are shaping up nicely. 

But, you have not met the non-profit leader.  You have no idea that the help you desire is planning for the future of you and your baby.  You have no idea that your community is ready to wrap around you to ensure your success as a mother raising a child in Orange Mound.

You are cordially invited to attend the Community Baby Shower hosted by JUICE Orange Mound this August 2018.  A partnership with a host of community-based organizations including BSTARS, Project Fresh, the Urban Garden and Wellness Center, and The House, this event is for all pregnant and new mothers in the Orange Mound area.  Each mother will be connected to a mentor mother as well as service providers who are prepared to assist in making this transition into motherhood smooth.

Please help us reach the future mothers of The Mound by calling 901-300-6621, emailing, or leaving a message in the JUICE Orange Mound inbox on Facebook.  We need YOUR help to ensure the success of this event, thank you!

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