with you in life…

Notes to Mikey

by Jennifer J. Hayes

What an amazing an exciting day!

This day is almost over with, but we just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for making Mikey’s birthday one he will remember forever.

To our amazing baby boy, your Daddy and I took the time to write down some things we would like for you to carry with you in life…

1. Family is Everything

We’ve always stressed that our number one job in life is to take care of you and YOUR number one job is to love and respect yourself and your family. Your dad and I will always be here for you, will always support your dreams and will always be here to pick you up when you need us….

2. play hard but work harder

There is always a temptation to play and as you get older it just gets harder. However, working hard requires learning, expanding, focus and dedication. This will help you to Improve in school, on the baseball field, in front or behind the camera and with your music all of which are very important to you. The harder you work at your crafts, the better you will be.

3. losing is growth

As parents, we want to protect you from ever failure in life but we can’t and it is not healthy for your growth in life. Every time you get that B instead of an A, every time you lose that baseball game, every time you fail to get a callback, you have the chance to grow, to learn from your mistakes and to improve. Learning this now means you will be better equipped for the moments in life that aren’t perfect.

4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Give it, earn it: it’s more than a word

Respect adults – teachers, coaches, other parents: they are here to teach you, guide you and help you to grow into a strong adult.

5. This world is so cruel -Be Kind!

You are a sensitive soul. You love deeply, you feel deeply, you hurt deeply. Assume that others do as well and treat them kindly. Share what you have, compliment- don’t criticize and offer to help whenever you can.
Take responsibility for your actions – If you do something wrong (and inevitably you will, as we all do), own your mistake. If you need to apologize for hurting someone, do it. Learn from your missteps, stand tall and do better next time.

6. humble is beautiful

I don’t care how many home runs you hit, strikes you throw, A’s you earn in the classroom – or how big you become as a star no one likes a braggart. Aim to be the very best version of you, but let your actions talk for you. Confidence is wonderful, but cockiness is unattractive.

7. worry about yourself

Your job is to compare yourself to the ‘you’ of yesterday, not to worry about anyone else’s grades, athletic ability, relationships or home life. Mikey needs to worry about Mikey.

8. Make the world better each day

You make our world better simply by being wonderful, you. But, we will continue to challenge you to commit to small acts of good – open doors for people, smile at everyone, offer to help someone who needs it, surprise someone you love with a moment of good. You never know what someone else might be facing and your small act of kindness could make the difference between a good day and a tough one.

9. ALways remember this…

We have faith in you – Always come back to this one. we will always be one step behind you, supporting your decisions and trusting in your goals and dreams. we have faith, Mikey, that you can be anyone or anything you choose.

Our love for you is endless Mikey! Happy 9th Birthday Baby Boy!

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