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Dad, I’m Okay

  Dad, i'm okay afraid of judgement By /u/dad_i_am_okay of Reddit Click To Get Your #TeamGIVING Benefits Today   Dad, I’m sorry. All I said was, “It’s actually not that bad here.” It was a very tinny telephone, so maybe you didn’t quite understand: all I meant was...


  scars A reminder of healing  By Matthew BrewerClick To Get Your #TeamGIVING Benefits Today   Scars....we all have them. Whether the scars result from something physical or emotional, we have all experienced a scar of some kind in our lives. Are physical scars...

Homeless VS Homelessness

 Homeless vs homelessnessBy Butterflyy Allen - Guest BloggerDuncan-Williams, Inc. spotlights:  Neighborhood Christian CentersI am passionate about people. When we know better, we do better. Our opportunities aren’t the same, we tend to judge others according to our...

We All Need A Little More Grace – Social Justice

 We all need a little more graceSocial justiceBy Matthew Brewer - Guest BloggerThis article is brought to you by Krewe of DeJavu Check out their menu!SOCIAL JUSTICE is a topic that God's Church can not be silent about.Yesterday, I had the privilege of sitting down...

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