Retirement or a second career in the wedding industry? That was the decision the 2010 Fayette County Chambers Small Business winners, Sonny and Carrie Nivens, made in 1996 when they took their nest egg, their dream home, and traded it in on a vision. A vision that — as far as they knew — no one else had ever tried: build a beautiful country home that would also accommodate brides and their families, providing them with a beautiful, affordable and stress free wedding venue.


The first decision was where would it be located. Because Fayette County was business friendly, had an affordable tax rate, reasonable land costs, and close to a metropolitan area, Memphis, it seemed to be the perfect location to build Carahills Estate, “the Vision.”

Carahills Estate, now given another name … Carahills I, because Sonny and Carrie did not stop with just one wedding location. They expanded during a time when most other businesses were downsizing. They built Carahills II, the Manor. Again, because of their previous success, it was located in Fayette County.

After 13 years in business in Fayette County, Carahills I and II are known throughout the Mid South as the perfect place to have your wedding. Between Carahills I and II, they will provide approximately 150 amazing weddings and events every year. This in turn provides sales tax and other monies to Fayette County. If it were not for Carahills, this money would be going to either Shelby County or other counties that surround Memphis.

Lastly, because Carahills is family owned and operated, it will be around for a long while. When Sonny and Carrie are gone … the businesses will continue because they have already set up their succession planning. They have their very experienced adult children in line for succession. In fact, that is probably the most rewarding aspect of their business … being able to grow it and leave it to their family.


Call Us: 901.483.2121 or 901.861.2133

1960 Highway 70, Gallaway, Tennessee 38036

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