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James and the UltraSounds

On a given night in midtown Memphis one can find any number of different rock bands thrashing out riffs and tossing off lyrics as fast as the thirsty audience members pour down cheap beers. Amidst the dim lights, heat and discordant blend of conversation and sharp chord progressions emerging from venues like the Hi Tone, the Buccaneer Lounge and Bar DKDC there has been a group distinguishing itself over the course of the last year or so as one of the best up and coming rock acts in the city. Brash yet thoughtful, with bracing guitar and sing-a-long harmonies, there is not quite anything like them in Memphis or elsewhere.

billy-rivers-photo by April Tolbert

Billy Rivers and the Angelic Voices of Faith celebrated their 35th Anniversary

LOCAL LEGEND CELEBRATES 35 YEARS OF MUSICAL EXCELLENCE Billy Rivers and the Angelic Voices of Faith celebrated their 35th Anniversary

The entire Memphis community was invited to celebrate with Billy Rivers and the Angelic Voices of Faith as they celebrate their 35th Anniversary during Labor Day Week-end with a special concert on Sunday, August 31, 2014 at Golden Gate Cathedral, 3240 James Road in Memphis, where Bishop Edward H. Stephens, Jr., is the Senior Pastor.

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Frank Chin Behind the Scenes: Grizzlies vs Celtics

You can find Frank Chin at all the hot events in town.  Check out his behind the scenes shots at the Grizzlies vs Celtics.  Warning, most of the pictures are of the Grizz Girls because he was in the stands and not close to the floor where the basketball action was.

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