Willow Oaks 5th grade promo Ceremony

Willow Oaks | Contributor

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MAY, 2017

Young Voices

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Fifth graders at Willow Oaks Elementary celebrated their transition from elementary to middle school today with a promotional ceremony. Students welcomed guests, recited original poetry, and performed a musical number to Pharrell’s “Happy”. Additionally, every spoken part was given in English and in Spanish.

Jerome Robinson of JustMyMemphis was the guest speaker. He encouraged students to make a daily decisions to be amazing, to begin each day with the intention of doing their very best.  Josephine Leatherwood who is retiring after more than 35 years of teaching was the Guest of Honor. Students and teachers paid tribute to Ms. Leatherwood with poetry, flowers, and gifts.

Mayor Jim Strickland spends time with the students of Willow Oaks Elementary.

Students received an exciting surprise at the end of the ceremony — a visit from Mayor Strickland! Mayor Strickland visited with students and parents, offering congratulations, encouragement, and many photo opportunities.

JustMyMemphis Founder Jerome Robinson served as the Guest Speaker.


The Learning Garden  Willow Oaks learning garden is an outdoor classroom funded by The Kitchen Community. The garden gives students an opportunity to grow healthy foods from start to finish, while studying the germination process.  Students explained to Mayor Strickland how they prune, water, and harvest the vegetables.  The students pointed out the various plants they are growing to the Mayor which include:  kale, swiss chard, mint, basil, and lettuce.

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