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I fully support women’s equality and the #METOO movement

in seeking change by exposing men in positions of power who engage in sexual harassment and assault. Of course, predators like Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore deserve to be punished and their alleged victimization of women should be taken very seriously. However, as more men lose their jobs and suffer public shame for their misconduct, I’ve noticed that a growing number of the complaints seem a bit over blown, more like annoying or creepy; typical male behavior rather than actual harassment.

Last Tuesday, at the November 21st meeting of the Memphis City Council,

an ordinance was introduced to amend the process for permitting parades, races, and public assemblies. It passed the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee. It will be presented again to the full General Body of the Memphis City Council on Tuesday, December 5th. On Saturday, November 25th, an informational Town Hall style meeting occurred where citizens provided their feedback on how they felt about this measure, what they thought should be done to combat it, and what a reasonable process for public assembly, parades, and races should look like.

Note that a man’s infalted ego often causes him to misinterpret signals he gets from women. A woman only needs to smile and pretend to be interested in what a man is saying for him to think she might be interested. The reasons for this are seated in nature and the way we’ve evolved.

Due to fierce competition for females, instinctively, males aggressively seek mates and, as in nature, cannot afford to blow any opportunities to pass on his genes or he’ll lose out to competing males. This is true of all mammals. The battle between primitive instinct and appropriate behavior is constant and becomes understandable difficult for men in a workplace environment that’s teeming with attractive, ambitious young females releasing powerful pheromes as  they are busy about.

If you don’t understand the science, start watching more National Geographic channel or “Nature” on PBS.

Sexual harassment

Or mutual affection?

There’s also another dynamic in play here. In some cases–Charlie Rose and Al Franken come to mind–is it possible that some of the women accusers may have been using their sexuality to gain favor?

And when their boss misinterpreted their “charm” as mutual affection and acted inappropriately, they flipped out and reported it as sexual harassment? Sure, he’s a “bad boy” and isn’t completely innocent, but he’s also not entirely guilty.

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In this hypothetical case, if we’re strictly speaking of misconduct and not of harassment, then both parties were arguably behaving badly. But only one was fired. Is that fair? Now, I’m not defending misconduct or harassment by men by saying this, I’m just pointing out that women behave badly too and aren’t always innocent. They certainly aren’t above seeking revenge either.

The idea that women commonly use their sexuality to gain favor is a well-documented fact of life, probably instinctive, and can be traced back through history to the bible and beyond. So, let’s get real, shall we? There are two sides to every story. We shouldn’t rush to judgement.

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Honestly, there really shouldn’t be a permits process in the current iteration. Any process whereby citizens have to ask for permission from government to peaceably assemble subject to broad powers of denial should be opposed. Most importantly, fines and fees shouldn’t be levied towards nonviolent gatherings, and the risk of jail shouldn’t exist.


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