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Local & National News | June 09, 2020
Straight up what needs to be said and to give those in my race and in particularly my generation some real intense harsh and brutal tough love.

It's been a good minute since I last wrote one of these but I believe it's time to renew because and to just say straight up what needs to be said and to give those in my race and in particularly my generation some real intense harsh and brutal tough love. As a Memphian, Native Memphian, and as a Young Memphian I’m ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed, and disgusted. It's been almost 2 weeks since the death of George Floyd by the hands of a Minneapolis police officer when he put his knee on his neck causing his death by asphyxiation and strangulation. In addition we also witnessed three of his colleagues who most likely are under him when I say under him I mean rank and years of experience just stand there and watch knowing that what the officer was doing was wrong but they chose not to say nothing because they did not want to deal with hell coming from their officer when they got back to the precinct. What I'm about to say is simple in this what happened to George Floyd was a tragedy and it should have never happened but what I am seeing in this country it's starting to scare me more and more after the riots and the assault on police the focus and the protest for George Floyd is not what it is anymore this is simply a protest and calls for civil Anarchy in the United States which is dangerous. I think we can all agree that what happened to George was not only heinous but it was downright disgusting and wrong.

For starters the protest over his death there in Minneapolis we can all agree that the protest should happen and the voices need to be heard. However let me be frank on this the moment members of your movement start divulging from the protest and combining with outside groups to reek violence and havoc on businesses to the point in they lose inventory or completely destroyed that's when people in general start to question the protest and really the motive of the protesters in general. Not that the majority of the protesters don't want peace but the fact that a lot of them will enable the violence and the Looting and destruction of property as Martin Luther King say riots and looting are the voices of the unheard which you got a question is it really the voices of the unheard or is it just a poor excuse for people to destroy property because they don't want to face the reality of hardships in tough times.

What does rioting and looting have to do with the death of George Floyd? Not a damn thing when you Riot and loot you destroy your own Community you set your community back years in some cases decades to where they need to be or more. A lot of those businesses that you destroyed or allowed people to destroy or minority-owned, women-owned, first generation-owned, immigrant-owned, lgbtq-owned, Community reflection-owned, and Community Improvement-owned. These businesses were people have put in their entire life savings to the point where it's a make-it-or-break-it situation we just went through and still are going through a worldwide pandemic where these businesses had to shut up shop for 3 months and right when they're getting right when they're getting ready back to reopen this happens. What does the Looting have to do with George Floyd not a damn thing. All it does is just devalue the purpose of the movement and the protest but mainly the protest in general he was a man who has 6 year old child and was living his best life now people are destroying property, Luling, and claiming that they're doing it all in the name of George Floyd you're not doing it in the name of George Floyd you're doing it because you want free break. You call yourselves protesters all you are are just scum of the earth and you make yourself look like a bunch of savages who don't know how to control yourselves in times of chaos and emotional distress... you don't just bring shame on George Floyd but you bring shame on the black community If there really is one you bring shame on your city or cities your States and your nation and quite frankly the entire human race and if you don't see that that make Christ have mercy on your soul.


We've also seen in the last several weeks how their I'm going protest against law enforcement because of the death of George Floyd. Please let it be known that in every profession there are few bad apples however when it comes to law enforcement we tend to paint the whole profession with a broad brush. POINT OF FULL DISCLOSURE I am a proud supporter of The Thin Blue Line I will defend that line to the end of time itself. What does destroying a police precinct have to do with the death of George Floyd when you destroy the police department you destroy your only sense of inner safety when it comes to your community. When you say to the police officers your lives are threatened by them you only say that not because you think it's true but because in your heart you know it's not true it's an Escape mechanism for you to say that because you don't want to face the real truth in the mirror and that's the truth is simple in your own Community there are more bigger threats to you then those wearing the uniform of law enforcement and you just don't want to face it. We seen in these last few days where police officers were shot stabbed and intentionally ran over simply because they wear the uniform to protect and serve. I want people to ask themselves do you have family members do you have friends do you have spouses children grandchildren and in some cases long time friends who you know wouldn't harm a fly but because they are in law enforcement you see them as a threat to your well-being and really to the future of your entire existence of your skin pigment. If so have you ever thought about asking them why did they become a police officer and how do you think it makes them feel emotionally when it comes to them taking physical mental emotional and psychological abuse from some in the public especially since none of them or very few of them to pay the lease want to find a solution to the problems that are going on in their community. The job of law enforcement in any first responder is truly one of the most unappreciated jobs on the planet next to being a teacher and even to some degree serving as a member of the military. The average police officer in Memphis makes $25.71 an hour or lower depending on the years of experience and the rank. Meanwhile you got people who are working in fast-food demanding that salaries be increased to $15 an hour some suggest even 20 when we all know that fast food jobs are temporary jobs when it comes to the growth of a person particularly a young person in high school or college. We always talk about how mental health can take a toll on people we never want to talk about how it takes a toll on those who protect and serve and those that teach our children. But every time we see a riot and every time we see protests that turned violent the first thing they do is go after law enforcement and property and it makes some in the profession question should I really continue being involved in this profession especially if they're being underpaid unappreciated to some degree not only mistreated but thrown completely under the bus by their elected officials and even by those who are in the top brass because of political correctness and even with influence from the media who are prepared to paint all law enforcement with a broad brush with no regrets or apologies because they would do anything to see cities in Flames for ratings and that's not just a fact that's the truth from reality.

We're also beginning to see reports from all over the country where cities all around the country are calling for the complete dismantle or majority the funding of police departments. Which I have to ask why do you want to defund or even dismantle your own Police Department especially if you live in the city or a neighborhood of a city where crime is almost severely epidemical then what we have seen before. If you defend your Police Department this is what's going to happen police officers are going to leave, your politicians are going to question the citizens mental state, and if it gets too out of hand your State's Governor might have to take control of your city and the poor the National Guard to be the police for the city until the city itself says you know what we can't do this without the police let's re-establish the police department. Are you willing to prepare yourself for Crime to be up so high that people are prepared to be doormats to criminals are you prepared to have your house burglarized everyday and you just smile as if it never happened. Are you prepared for one day someone breaking into your house and attacking you and physically and sexually attacking you or your children and are you prepared to really say to criminals it's okay you have a right to do that because let's be real here by the funding the police or completely dismantling your Police Department's you are basically saying to the entire world that we are prepared to be longest and anarchist for the sake of criminals individuality to commit crime and to some degree let yourself be as submissive as a male being beaten and severely abused by a dominatrix. Are you willing to give that up because let's be honest here you're not and you really don't have the balls or the clits to do so. You just feeding off the energy off of celebrities who you know in their hearts and souls will never give up their police, their Gates, their fences, their security and their guard dogs to do what you're doing. So when you see a police officer out there tell them thank you give them some love tell them we got you and we understand you and if you guys need help we're here to talk and we're here to build we know you guys are trying and sometimes we're the ones who were in the wrong for not listening when you guys really are trying. Thank you for what you do thank you for who you are thank you for the people who are prepared to sacrifice their lives for our sense of freedom and to live life with no drama or BS whatsoever and thank you for just being yourselves. Because without you guys protecting and serving us we would be scared little shrimps. And that's the truth without the police we will be nothing except for chickens without heads.


The media as the riots continued over the death of George Ford the media in all honesty has began to defend the protesters as peaceful knowing that there are some factions of the protest that do brake off and merge with outside groups such as Antifa... that riot and burned down businesses where people have worked years for and owned. Your job as journalists are not to make yourself and your opinions part of the new story but to report what the story is. The reason why people have such distrust in the media especially at the national level is because they are so busy trying to make the public feel guilty for staying true to themselves and really not believe in the word that they say is because they know they're losing their grip on Power and their grip on how the news is being reported they're desperate. In addition to criticize the president of the United States as if he was the creator of these riots it makes me question are you really trying to see America go up in smoke in front of the whole world and it also makes me question and asked are you prepared to take some form of blame when it comes to these riots. And what I mean by that is if you are enabling bullshit and not telling both sides of the Hornet's Nest then you basically are preparing yourself to get stung in a way that may be life-threatening. Granted you have a job to do but at the same time you know your place in journalism your job is to not have an opinion especially if you are a reporter or an actual anchor your job is to report the news and Report the facts and not try to make yourself out to be perfectionistic self-righteous self-absorbed assholes. We see journelist and news anchors making races feel guilty because another race feels like life isn't fair for them we see journalist who have pure hatred for this country and for the ideals of nationalism criticise a man who only wants to bring back Pride to the country but yet some people feel by the hatred journalist in this country would rather see this country go up and smoke become something it's not instead of saying we're going to report the story we're going to report the facts and we're not going to have our own personal bias or opinion in this. In order for the press to truly regane trust in the people they cannot start at the top down they have to start at the bottom up one viewer at a time and they cannot under any circumstances judge the viewers of the country for how they see things and they sure as hell cannot judge them for how their politics reflects who they are as human beings. The moment you start judging people on their opinions you make the local press more targets than you and that's the part that really concerns me the national press already targets but the local press are even bigger targets especially when it comes to situations like this. It also bothers me how they choose not to report the death of a 77 year old father grandfather husband and great-grandfather of a st. Louis Police Captain who retired who was shot and killed protecting the pawn shop of a friendly friend. David Dorn did not deserve this neither did any members of law enforcement have gone through this and protesters who fell victim to violence because of the mess. in addition I know this that the Press choose not to report his death nor the death of anybody that was killed in the losing by the hands of rioters what you got the Wonder does the media have a bias against those against those who want to keep the peace and preserve property of those who want to grow wealth in those communities or are they part of the problem and would rather see the peacekeepers be executed with no problem and when they die keep the news silent so that the view was wouldn't dare to question the protesters motives in general and that's the so that the view was wouldn't dare to question the protesters motives in general and that's the question because the protest it's not about George Floyd anymore it's about the self hatred of non-blacks and really the hatred of America as itself a nation that is imperfectly perfect and has its flaws but makes it one-of-a-kind because it only betrays itself as more human than anything else.


Another thing that bothers me is this whole all of a sudden everybody's woke and on the black lives matter bandwagon. For many years I've noticed an uptick in non-black support in Black lives matter particularly white people and I have to ask this question are you really committed to being involved in this movement or are you guys trying to tell the rest of the people that you saw what happened to George Floyd and you do agree that it was police brutality and you support the protest. Because where I'm getting from this is you support the protest and the marches but you're not going to go deeper. Another thing down notice is that a lot of you who are non-black are all the sudden posting on there that you need to do more that you need to go out and support black-owned businesses let's be honest here the majority of you are probably going to do that maybe 25% of the time or less you're only doing that now because you don't want to be called a racist you don't want to be called in the neighbor of white supremacy you don't want to be called the symbol of hate just because of your race and quite frankly a lot of you are doing this because deep down inside some of you actually feel guilty because you're born White. Let me give you some advice don't ever apologize for the skin that you're born with. I will never apologize for being black or born black and I damn sure will never apologize for being born American. all the stuff that you're saying you're going to do on social media means nothing and most of you are only doing this because of the Heat of the Moment my advice to you is this support the Marchers in the protest call out racism when you see it and most of all and most importantly do not under any circumstances if you have children make them feel guilty for the skin that they're born in because all you are doing when you create that type of mindset is creating emotional insecurity issues major issues with when it comes to racial identity within your own children because we already see some of y'all may have that right now and most of your all and most importantly let your children be children because forcing this down your kids chores when they're in preschool Elementary and Middle School you're basically setting them up for a major Mental Health crisis later on in their teenage years and they're young adult years and if you do that if something happens to your child you have no one to blame and thank but yourselves. Here's another thing that I'm noticing all of a sudden people talking about their work you're not woke you're just in the moment. Do any of you really support the black lives matter movement in general in addition quit posting on social media about how to have racial conversations with your family when in all actuality most of them do not have races those in their bodies and they believe in treating those as the way they want to be treated as human beings. If someone treats you like s*** you're either going to cut them out of your life or you either treat them like crap because I guarantee you most of you who go in there or going to get cussed out you're going to get looked at like you're crazy and your parents are probably going to think you have lost your mind if you think I'm going to apologize for being born with my skin pigment. you already lost that battle don't go up in the air and starts to mess with your family that your parents are work so hard for which is to give you a life and for you to pursue your dreams without any hesitation or judgment from them whatsoever. Here's another question that want you to think about if you are so righteous about posting black lives matter stuff I want you to answer this question truthfully and honestly. Do black lives matter to black people and not just when non black folks particularly white folks and police take the lives quote on quote unjustly? Don't worry I'll wait.......( if you are taking your time and thinking about the answer for more than 10 seconds then you already know the answer but you're too damn afraid to say it because you don't want to be called a racist and you don't want people making social media post about you that can drive you to suicidal depression or if it takes you more than 10 seconds and you know the answer and you say yes then you have lied to yourself and you don't want the world to know it and then you still might get exposed for that.) However if you answer completely with a straight face with no eye contact yes then you are obviously lying but you are doing that to protect yourself in your self-interest but if you answer it yes with eye contact then you really do believe in that. think about that most of you don't want to answer that question because it could put you into a hornet's nest which is understandable however if you would took it from my point of view and answer that question the consequences for me are way worse than you think and for any other black person they're extremely worse if you dare to ask that question to other blacks especially those from my generation.... so I know many of you guys personally and some of you I don't and I know a lot of you guys are just posting this stuff because you don't want to deal with negative reaction from those who are different from you and that's understandable but do not post stuff as if you're all of a sudden woke and you're interested in people to come into my majority minority communities or businesses when you know that half of you will probably never go into a majority minority business more than 20-25%.... support the protesters the March but don't go too deep into supporting the movement because let's be real here the majority of people who support black lives matter don't want to ask the real question because they know automatically public crucifixion has become very popular in today's world especially on social media do you want to be the next one for the world to crucify especially without giving you a chance to explain yourself because let's be real here you've seen how social media can be the people who were telling the truth imagine what it's going to be like for people who are telling lies. Just think before you post or do anything crazy...

We always say Black Lives Matter. And no justice no peace and all that other blase blase whenever something like this goes down once in a full moon. But we never want to protest and get all up in arms when someone that looks like you and someone that looks like me takes a gun and shoots someone over Petty mess like for example money cars women. We don't want to get up in arms when a young child is sexually assaulted or rape by someone that looks like them or somebody else. But we love to go after someone who doesn't look like us or who wears the uniform of law enforcement we all love to go get all up in arms and protests them and even calling for their heads on a silver platter and for the deaths and assaults of their spouses and children. It amazes me to this day that we can get 10 to 15,000 people to block traffic on a bridge but we can't get 200 people to a stop the violence rally. It doesn't matter to them a black life taken by another black life is almost irrelevant and almost seen as invisible in the black community. Because who else is invisible in the BC more than another black person who takes the life of another black person. But if you take the life of a black person and you don't look like the people in the community then you're an easier Target to go after. We always say black lives matter but the question that black people have never asked themselves is do black lives matter to black people. If they sit back and think silently for one minute without saying nothing I guarantee you their silence speaks volumes if they can't respond to it. Every time something like this happens it's a temporary escape from their reality a reality in which they know the threat of those who look like them are bigger than those who are protecting and serving them however those that are law enforcement or those that are of A different race mainly White will have to face intense criticism scrutiny and some cases a price on their head which we have seen in recent years. The value of black life is almost non-existent because of the years of self degradation self Mass extermination and even self expulsion when it comes to the idea of black life in the United States. Not to mention it sends a clear message to those who are of the mainstream in the public even black Americans who want nothing to do with it that it's better for them to figure it out on their own and said disrupting the rest of mainstream America into feeling sorry for these people who complain about life not being fair and who have dug themselves into a deeper hole because they don't want to ask the question of how do I get myself out of this mess especially if I was born into it. And the sad part about it is many of those who say black lives matter and those social justice activist groups do not want to ask the question of why do we do this to each other. So my question is Where Is Your Self-dignity, Where's Your Self-respect, Where The Hell Is Your Damn Self-Worth and the sad part about it is they don't even know how to get themselves out I have become so used to this way of life the day don't even think about life getting better but only getting worse. And if anyone brings any type of change into their way of life for the better it is seen as a negative. I tell my friends who don't look like me this all the time and even repeatedly you cannot enable this Behavior because if you do you're only saying to them you can push me around and get away with it because if I fight back or tell the truth about you, you can easily use the racial history in this country as a way of getting over Leverage to make your life even more miserable than mine economically culturally socially and financially. A little tough love will not hurt anyone it will make them think and ask for themselves if someone like me said some things that are truthful and brutal it will cause the whole world that they've believed in four years to collapse but it will make them think. However, if someone that doesn't look like me said the stuff that I said it will be seen as racially insensitive and as I always say it goes in one ear and goes out the other plain and simple. And finally the more attention that the media social media and politicians give to these people the more we are basically enabling future rounds of domestic terrorism and threats of harm against all law enforcement and general public not to mention the indoctrination stop saying one life has more value than the other life when in reality all lines have value but if that one life doesn't show value in it that's when the superiority complex kicks in in that life that feels like it has no value in the eyes of society. And what we are saying from the black community in situations like this is a superiority complex when they're feeling down in the inferiority complex with a fueling up and when the both are combinated simultaneously it can lead to a dangerous combustion which we have seen in multiple cities in multiple States over the last six to seven years.


Which brings me to ask this question do black lives matter to black people and not just when non black or law enforcement quote on quote unjustly take black live don't worry I'll wait. If you cannot give me an answer without step-and-fetch-it then you already know the real answer and that is no. Because the black life taken another black life is almost seen as a numbing Factor which has been known for years in some cases decades it also makes a lot of people question the mental state especially when exposed the violence from them by town you just have to wonder how much can a person take before their mental state says enough is enough. when they go after the police and white people because of stuff that happens once once a full moon if a temporary escape from reality for them because it's easier to call out stuff that rarely happens to you the stuff that happens to you almost on a daily sometimes even hourly basis and they can be extremely dangerous especially when it comes to stuff like this. That's why I'm saying this F black lives because black lives don't even matter to black people.

It’s funny how we in the black race always say that we don’t tolerate racism, we don’t believe in racism, and we don’t be support racism. But yet, WE PRACTICE IT, PREACH IT, AND DAMN SURE PROMOTE RACISM both outside of our race and definitely inside of our race. We claim that we don’t tolerate racism and support and believe in the racist ideology “We don’t practice what we preach, and if we don’t practice what we preach then we don’t mean what the HELL we teach” In other words, we are not leading, showing, and teaching by example to the next generation and the next generation will do the exact same thing if the cycle of teaching racism doesn’t stop. I haven't old saying those that came that they are the most tolerant are really the most intolerant and those that we claim that on the most intolerant are really the most tolerant.

Let me make something very clear I have never been a supporter of the black lives matter movement and it will be a cold day in Hell before I ever support a movement that says that they value the lives of black lives in the United States when you get black people don't even give a s*** about black lives especially when they are taken every day in the United States. Until the day we start to clean up our own house and get our own house in order we have no right to tell others how they should treat us and look at our lives for my superiority complex because I just be real here we know our lives have no value when it comes to our own race with in it. Another thing quit getting offended when other races says the n word because we have made the word so mainstream that we literally encourage the use in educational content in comedy and music and movies you have no one to think and no one to blame but yourself until the day you want to quit using it all together you cannot tell other people not to use it because all you're doing is making yourself out to be a bunch of self-righteous assholes and hypocrites.


In the black community we have become the race of hypocrisy, the most self-centeredness, the most sensitive race, the most insecure race and double standard when it comes to a lot of things especially race and definitely racism from our own race. However, if a black person called them and others out for support this behavior then that person would face 2 things: the fear factor and facing the 4 Rs Retaliation, Rebellion, Repercussions, and Ridicule from the black community which is known as “The Predator and the Prey Contents”. The person that calls out the wrong is “the Prey” and the person that is criticizing is “The Predator.” The Predator and The Prey always takes place within the same race. We have seen it recently with Andrew Clarksenior being criticized by the Rev LaSimba Grey for talking about the blight in Memphis. Les Smith has also been a victim of “Predator and the Prey” and countless others. However, if a white person called out anyone that's a course the behavior of last night and and those people verbally attacks that person then that is the “Offense and Defense Contents.” Joe Birch when he interviewed Dr. Herenton, Same as Camron Harper, Darrell Greene when he interviewed Henri Brooks, and countless others have been the victims of “The Offense and Defense Contents.”

I hear people saying now this is the time damn racism this is the time to end police brutality this is the time to make white people feel uncomfortable let me tell you something all you're doing is making a few people uncomfortable at the moment give it about three weeks people will go right back to normal and wait for the next one. This is a temporary escape from reality formula people and let's be real here had coronavirus not come around this thing would have been over with within a week and a half. In addition racism has been around since the caveman days nothing is going to change it's been here before we were here is going to be here while we're here is going to your after we're here The best thing for you to do is to rise above the hate and not become it. Let me also give you fair warning they just increased from third-degree murder and manslaughter to second-degree murder overall let me just be quite Frank and honest with you on this if they increased it to first-degree murder he may get off scot-free because you got to have the intent that he wanted that man to die and I got to be frank with you on this you need to be prepared in case that happens because I don't see him getting a fair jury. Again what happened to George was a disgrace to the country but quite frankly giving these officers charged increasing them only makes people questioned the prosecution in addition it also makes you wonder What is really going on in the prosecution system. You also have to wonder if you're calling for the dismantle of the police I hope you're prepared for yourself to be a victim of a crime or worse because that's what you're asking for if you do especially if you are a follower and not a leader.

We always talk about race relations between blacks and whites the black community and law enforcement but yet we as black people never talk about race relations within our own race because whether black people wanna hear it or not we are a race that is racially divided on all levels, and all characteristics. You always say that the police are hurting the BC but you don't want to say why you call the police when someone breaks into your house and assaults but yet when someone else call the police the first thing you do is pull out your phone camera to see if they're going to do something wrong you're two faced you don't want to admit it. Instead of saying that the police are going to kill you which is basically building problems why don't you encourage them to become part of the solution at the change law enforcement from within for the better. And while you're out and about when you see a police officer tell them thank you for your service and thank you for what you doing for who you are as people I can guarantee you that no matter what they're going to that will make your day a lot better and maybe do a serve a cop in your house you know and invite them to your house and give them a nice cook meal people do it all the time and they're communities I know y'all can So before we call for others to respecting us or respect our backyard we got your own house in the the first. Because our own backyard is in real horrible shape from the fence, to the dirt. And, it’s not joke. We need to do better or we are continuing to fall far being the surface and even worse that could lead our race as a whole to self destruction or even full mass extermination of an entire race of people.
My race. Wake up Black People.



Thank You and Sincerely


Jimmie C. Williams, Jr.


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