Breaking Barriers: Brandy Price's Trailblazing Campaign for Memphis Mayor

Meet The Candidates | September 11, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Brandy Price's Trailblazing Campaign for Memphis Mayor
Meet The Candidates | September 11, 2023
Discover Brandy Price's ambitious plans for Memphis as she runs for Mayor, advocating for higher minimum wage, reparations, and a greener city.

Brandy Price, also known as Brandon Price, is a transgender black woman running for Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee. She is passionate about the rights of the people and has ambitious plans for the city. Price aims to raise the minimum wage to $27.50 and believes that reparations should be given to every minority group that has suffered, not just those affected by slavery but also those who have been redlined or suffered from pollution and lead poisoning.

Price has proposed a "land-back initiative" that would give city land directly to "native and indigenous" Memphians. In a recent interview with the #FunCrew of JustMyMemphis, Brandy Price shared her story and discussed her campaign for Memphis Mayor. As part of her platform, Price is focused on addressing crime, education, and the future of Memphis. She has participated in mayoral forums and engaged with the community to discuss her plans and vision for the city.

If Brandy Price were to win the mayoral race in Memphis, she would join a select and small group of transgender individuals who have won a race to become a city mayor in the United States.


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