Empowering Dreams: A Glimpse into the Memphis Shelby PAL Youth Summit
Non Profits | July 31, 2023
Discover the inspiring moments from the Memphis Shelby PAL Youth Summit, where young girls come together to learn, grow, and chase their dreams. Dive into the highlights and the empowering message behind the event.

The Memphis Shelby Police Activities League (PAL) hosted its first Youth Summit at For The Kingdom, a camp and retreat center located in Memphis, Tennessee. The girls' event took place this past weekend. The summit aimed to build positive life skills and connections for middle and high school-aged youth, with activities tailored for students in grades 7-11 and rising seniors.

The "Daydream" themed summit featured a variety of activities, including a pep rally, personal development and team-building exercises, motivational speakers, panel discussions, and live entertainment. Participants enjoyed swimming, ziplining, dancing, and learning from guest speakers and panelists. The closing ceremony included awards, and many attendees expressed their desire to return next year.

Sponsors of the Youth Summit included the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Shelby County Schools, Nike, Legacy of Legends CDC, and For The Kingdom. Memphis Shelby PAL, founded in 2017, is a nonprofit organization that serves over 2,000 children aged 5-18 with comprehensive programs across six areas: Nutrition, Intervention, Sports, Education, Mentoring, and Discovery.

The Power Speakers for the event were Michelle Jones, Sheleah Harris, Vinessa Brown, Randi Hill, and Shelby County Commissioner Britney Thornton. The all-girls summit included participants aged 7 to 17 from around the Memphis area. The song "Daydream" by Lily Meola was used during the summit.

The Youth Summit aligns with the mission of Memphis Shelby PAL by focusing on preventing juvenile crime and violence through positive relationship building among kids, cops, and communities. Memphis Shelby PAL aims to promote excellence in sportsmanship and mentoring, serving children aged 5-18 with comprehensive programs across six areas: Nutrition, Intervention, Sports, Education, Mentoring, and Discovery.

The Youth Summit contributes to this mission by providing a variety of activities that foster personal development, team-building, and positive life skills for middle and high school-aged youth. The event features motivational speakers, panel discussions, and live entertainment, which help to inspire and educate the participants. Furthermore, the summit creates a platform for positive interactions between youth and law enforcement officers, as well as other community leaders, which can help to build trust and understanding between these groups.

By offering a safe and engaging environment for youth to learn and grow, the Youth Summit supports Memphis Shelby PAL's goal of preventing crime and promoting success for children in the Memphis area.

The lyrics to "Daydream" by Lily Meola are as follows:
When we were kids in the backyard
Playing astronauts and rockstars
No one told us to stop it
Called us unrealistic
Then suddenly, you're eighteen
Go to college for your plan "B"
What you want is too risky
Live for weekends and whiskey
We all got these big ideas
One day, they're replaced with fears
How did we get here?
Darlin', don't quit your daydream
It's your life that you're making
It ain't big enough if it doesn't scare the hell out of you
If it makes you nervous
It's probably worth it
Why save it for sleep when you could be living your daydream?

These lyrics empower young women by encouraging them to pursue their dreams and ambitions, even when faced with challenges and fears. The song emphasizes the importance of not giving up on one's dreams and suggests that taking risks and facing fears can lead to a more fulfilling life. The message of the song is to live life to the fullest and not to settle for a safe and comfortable existence, but rather to strive for something greater and more meaningful.


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