"Let me tell you something... I'll fight anybody over Memphis I love my city..."
Local & National News | March 04, 2022
"This is the speech every Memphian needs to hear" was a statement said over and over by many in attendance after Beverly Robertson rocked the house with her passion for Memphis.

If you look Beverly Robertson up on Linkedin, you will find that she is a successful entrepreneur, a seasoned corporate executive, a strategic non-profit leader, and is the current President & CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber. This description doesn't even scratch the surface of Beverly, who is a powerhouse of a speaker. On Friday the 25th, I was on location at Trezevant Manor to capture footage for their ongoing Black History Month Event Series featuring Black Creatives in our city. Beverly was running late and the crowd was getting a little antsy. Then with humility and grace, Beverly walked in and got ready to be introduced. She started with a focus on Black History and the impact Blacks have had on our city and on our country. She spoke for 55 minutes with an intensity that felt like a drumbeat getting stronger and stronger. I decided the best way to share the power of her words was to let everyone in the city hear it and share it! Please take a few minutes to listen to Beverly Robertson as she celebrates all that is good about our #BeAmazing city!

Clips from the Speech Every Memphian Needed to Hear!

Beverly Robertson wakes up every day as a champion for our city. Did you notice she had no notes while speaking about her passion for the city? The fact that Beverly was speaking at Trezevant Manor makes an even more powerful statement about our city, we are at our best when we see ourselves as Memphians, as Tennesseans, as Americans. This speech wasn't for Black Memphis or White Memphis. This speech wasn't for Republicans or Democrats. Instead, it was for all of us. For Beverly, this was more than a speech. This is how she lives every day. She is literally fighting to help Memphis Thrive.

What About You?

I have to ask myself this also. Am I part of the solution or am I one of those guys slowing down solutions with my in-activity? There are a lot of negative things we could focus on, but is that the solution? Why not join Beverly and others in fighting to create a better Memphis where we all can thrive!

Simple Things You Can Do!

"Let me tell you something... I'll fight anybody over Memphis...
I love my city and I make no apology for it"

Let's #BeAmazing Together, let's join together and do whatever we can to make Memphis a better city. Share the positive things going on in our community and be the share you want to see!



Ford Blue Oval City by the Numbers

Through an on-site wastewater treatment plant, the assembly plant aspires to make zero freshwater withdrawals for assembly processes by incorporating water reuse and recycling systems. Zero-waste-to-landfill processes will capture materials and production scrap at an on-site materials collection center to sort and route materials for recycling or processing either at the plant or at off-site facilities once the plant is operational.


Ford plans to make the largest ever U.S. investment in electric vehicles at one time by any automotive manufacturer and, together with its partner, SK Innovation, plans to invest $11.4 billion and create nearly 11,000 new jobs at the Tennessee and Kentucky mega-sites, strengthening local communities and building on Ford’s position as America’s leading employer of hourly autoworkers.


An all-new $5.6 billion mega campus in Stanton, Tenn., called BlueOval City, will create approximately 6,000 new jobs and reimagine how vehicles and batteries are manufactured.


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