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Happy fathers day
By Alden Zuck

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The phrase “Happy Fathers Day” packs in so many things that I want to attempt to unpack through this article.


Because I could say a thousand “Happy Fathers Day” phrases or get a thousand different gifts from Home Depot, but that could never get close to an accurate description of what I mean when I say “Happy Fathers Day”.

So let me try and unravel this phrase about MY dad, and I hope this will inspire you to do the same to yours. 


I look back and remember all the memories that my dad enjoyed taking out time to create memories with my family. Whether that be through bigger things like long trips, camping trips, hiking, or things like teaching me guitar, talks on the porch, game nights, et cetera. I can’t get close to listing everything, but I can say that every moment in my life I have been cared for through his intentional and sincere times with me. Not only that but seeing the time that he has put into our family to help propel me and my siblings to where we are today and the time he put into building up our family in a manner that is so respected is a value that is seen constantly to this day. 

Ever since I can remember, my dad has been teaching me life skills that I had no idea would be benefiting me so much. When I was little he was already teaching me how to put together spreadsheets and manage the money that I made through chores, lemonade stands, and magic stands (Yes, I had a magic stand, no it didn’t go well). Because of this, I have been able to grow to be independent quickly and be extremely prepared for everything that life brought me into as I got older. He even got me into fitness to live a healthy lifestyle when I was young enough to still think that if I worked out my trapezoids then my neck wouldn’t be able to turn anymore being tied down to my shoulders. 

But besides technical things that he has taught me over the years, he most importantly has given me his wisdom filled words that has shaped me and molded me.

My dad is such a wise man.

He has been able to utilize that wisdom in all stages of my life as I grew older to nudge me in the right direction, yet doing so in such love and humility. 

Support & Influence
Without my dad, I wouldn’t have gotten so involved in the outdoors and know how to laugh and enjoy the simple things in life.

Some of the biggest things that I enjoy, such as playing guitar, caving, hiking, and exploring nature from all around the world, I believe started in part because of my dads influence on my life in those areas. But apart from those, almost anything that I dove into and pursued, whether it was building marshmallow guns or building a business, he always was an encourager and supporter to me. He has graciously supported me financially, he has supported me through the struggles in my life, and he has supported me in every event and time in my life that was important to me (or even if it wasn’t important to me).



I wouldn’t have thought that my dad, or my family, would have to deal with something of that nature, who does?

Before cancer, my dads’ life was going up; although from the day that it happened it was a turning point, not a turning point meaning life was going downhill now but that life was going even steeper up, just with potholes, cliffs, and rough roads. This means that, of course, this has been the hardest thing that he has to go through, that this has indeed changed his life and has made countless and continuous hard days and nights, but his life is going steeper up because of the sheer amount of impact and influence he is having on other peoples lives day after day after day.

This is ONLY because of a foundation that my dad has built over the years that is greater than any emotional or physical strength that anyone could obtain, but a foundation that lies in a life saved by a Savior and a Creator.

He has been struggling, battling, and fighting this tragedy, yet has held on with a faith that is highly encouraging to a believer of God or non-believer. Not only has he held on, but has taken action and used this to create an exponential impact on so many people that come in contact with him. 

Not only that, but he has built our family on this same foundation since day one and has done so in a way that I hope to replicate in my future family. 

“..although from the day that it happened it was a turning point, not a turning point meaning life was going downhill now but that life was going even steeper up, just with potholes, cliffs, and rough roads.”

To try and sum it all up, my dad is someone I look up to, respect greatly, and someone whose devotion, love, and dedication I want to follow after. This is me attempting to create a short summary of unpacking this phrase I mentioned at the beginning, and this is me saying it after you’ve read what it means to me;

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

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