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This is Me!

March 19, 2019

I am not your average candidate. I am a small business owner and an active community member. I believe in civic and civil discourse as a means of achieving optimal solutions. I am committed to improving the city’s operations in the residential, business, social and civic sectors. I will listen to you, I will represent you, I will honor you. More importantly, I will do something different, I will make citizens first!


 Lemichael Wilson

Dear Memphis . . .

Something exciting is happening in Memphis. The city is on the rise; however, our data is unsettling. Many of our citizens are paying over half of their income on housing expenses, but we are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a downtown dog park. We have citizens living in the streets, but we are considering residential PILOTS for Midtown housing. The status quo is a fine line between prosperity and despair, and we are too often asked to kowtow to the expectations of a monied few.

You deserve fresh, new, motivated and dynamic leadership that will turn away from the old ways of city governance; and, who are committed to keeping an eye on what ought to be. We can no longer afford more of the same people, same characteristics, same ideas – without any real solutions to the concerns of the citizens. You deserve better! You ought to be prosperous. You ought to be grand. You ought to be a beacon in the South, radiating justice, peace, progress, and prosperity.

This is Me: Lemichael D. Wilson

Two hundred years ago, John Overton, James Winchester, and soon-to-be United States President Andrew Jackson took a bold step to establish what, at that time, was the youngest of Tennessee’s cities. Memphis quickly flourished as a center of commerce for both imports and exports. People flocked from near and far seeking opportunities. Fast forward to today, and we still have individuals who call Memphis home with the hopes of living a better life;

Our job now is to ensure that those opportunities are equitably distributed all around the city and not just in select communities. It should not matter whether citizens live in Whitehaven, Hickory Hills, Raleigh, Frayser, Midtown, Oakhaven, Park Village, Uptown, Downtown, Cooper-Young, University of Memphis District, Longview, Binghampton, Wolfchase, Hollywood, Orange Mound, Douglass, Hyde Park, Klondike, New Chicago, Harbor Town, Chickasaw Garden, or Scutterfeld. What does matter is that they live in Memphis! And, all residents and businesses, every demographic, each population is entitled to an equal chance at a high quality of living and economic prosperity.

The time is before us to turn the page and begin writing a new history. Our current city leadership is not up to the task of creating this environment, so I am writing you to announce my candidacy in the 2019 election for the office of Mayor of Memphis.

I am a small business owner and an active community member. I believe in civic and civil discourse as a means of achieving optimal solutions. I am committed to improving the city’s operations in the residential, business, social and civic sectors. I will listen to you, I will represent you, I will honor you. More importantly, I will do something different, I will make citizens first!

We have a great opportunity to turn the tables to create safe communities and have equitable investments throughout the city. Our communities and citizens must come first! We can have affordable health care benefits for city employees and retirees, and mental health centers and resources. We can make Memphis a nationally recognized livable city of diverse neighborhoods with a wide variety of quality, affordable housing choices where citizens feel safe and secure at home and in the community – both perception and reality.

We can make moves to

• Protect the environment;
• Fight for equality;
• Ensure equal financial investments throughout the city
• Beautify the city
• Reduce taxes
• Cut government waste
• End corporate welfare by reforming the PILOT/EDGE program to attract business development and expansion mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

YES! We are at a crucial juncture, here at the end of prosperity and despair, where the decisions we make about how to dedicate our common resources can have splendidly beneficial and deleterious effects. These are not just talking points! We can beautify this city. We can cut waste. We can end corporate welfare. We can do these things, now and in the future, if we are bold enough to stand up for what we believe in and what we know to be right.

Our greatest strength is working collectively in harmony, despite our individual differences. When we work in harmony, we will make Memphis one of the greatest places to live, work, learn and play. I am asking you to consider connecting to the movement.

• Together, we can make Memphis a magnet of opportunities for young people and families; and a more hopeful place for those who have been left behind.
• Together we can enhance community policing to strengthen the bond between the public safety officers and the people they serve and protect.
• Together, we can rehab and repurpose blighted homes to make them available housing for low-income and transitional citizens
• Together, we can re-establish trust in city government by hiring qualified individuals in key management positions to lead our city.
• Together, we can make a difference in the city that we all love.

MEMPHIS: The Gateway to New Beginnings


Lemichael D. Wilson is a fifth-generation native of Memphis, Tennessee, born in Methodist Hospital to Michael Dixon and LaJuanese Wilson on October 16, 1974. At an early age his mother moved to Chicago, Illinois where Lemichael spent his formative years. He is graduated from the prestigious Robert Lindblom High School; and, attended Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois.

After completing his studies at Illinois State University, Lemichael began working for the Chicago Public Schools as a multi-media specialist and served on the planning committee to host the first CPS college fair at Navy Pier. In 1999, Lemichael began his employ as the Assistant to the Dean of Instruction with the City Colleges of Chicago. Shortly thereafter, seeing the need in his community for healthy eating alternatives, he opened a local eatery called Salad Expressions. In 2009, he opened Salad Expressions in the downtown Memphis area; and, is currently exploring the opportunity to open another Memphis location.

Lemichael has very close ties in the ecumenical community. In 2009, he received his ordination; and entered into full itineracy as the pastor of Higher Praise Evangelistic Ministries, affectionately referred to as “a real ministry helping hurting people in perplexed situations.” In this capacity, he founded many outreach ministries including the “Fish and Loaves Feeding Ministry” where he and ministry supporters provided hot, nutritious meals to the homeless and hungry every Saturday. Additionally, Lemichael has served as the Director of Music for several prominent churches and gospel artists spanning more than 20 years.

Lemichael is currently enrolled at the University of Memphis as a political science major, and public administration minor. Lemichael currently serves as the president of The Rotary Club of Whitehaven – Memphis South. He also serves as Vice President of the parent association at Overton High School.

Lemichael is married to the former Yolanda Lee where they live in the Colonial – Yorkshire community with sons: Lavell, Latrell and Langston; a stepson, Courtney; a stepdaughter, Briana.



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