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Building on a solid foundation

This is me: Britney Thornton

Recently I actually stood before a crowd of people, some skeptics and some believers, and announced that I want to be a public servant for you.

by Britney Thornton

Dear District 4,

You, the mothers and fathers concerned about the quality of education that your child is receiving in failing schools throughout our district. You, the one that does not have access to transportation to reach jobs located outside of your community. You, the community leader trying to make a million dreams come to life with no budget.

And yes, even you, the one who will never read this letter and no one has cared to find.

This election season, I am coming for you. Together, I want to create an inclusive vision that reflects the thoughts and dreams, fears and concerns, and successes and failures of key stakeholders across our entire district—from Hickory Hill to Elvis Presley Boulevard. Together, I want to give voice to the 99% of people whose input was missing from the process in 2015.

One of my favorite quotes says “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” A long time ago, I decided that I would chase fear rather than have it consume me. As I lean into the fear that comes with putting oneself out to public scrutiny, plots and schemes of man, and the unknown, I ask you one thing: Will you dream with me?

As I work alongside you, know that I hear your outcries. As I get to know you, feel that your passion is shared. As I challenge you to dream bigger, know that I believe you deserve nothing less than the best that any public servant has to offer.

In all of my 29 years, I have found no greater joy than this pursuit. The next 9 months will transform my life as I prepare to enhance yours. In all things, may peace that surpasses all understanding forever be our guide. Let’s win this campaign season and keep winning as we move forward together.

People-focused. Solutions-driven. I am Britney Thornton and this is me.


Britney Thornton, LMSW
Your Future Councilwoman


It all began December 2016 in a well-known and respected community named Orange Mound.  Affectionately called The Mound, our close-knit community is the first community built by and for African Americans in Memphis Tennessee.  Recently designated as a Preserve America Community by First Lady Michelle Obama, Orange Mound is ripe with long-standing national history and pride.  

Greatly affected by the introduction of drugs in the 80’s, we have not been able to bounce back.  Steadily on a decline ever since, our beloved neighborhood now has a reputation for being a leader in blight, crime, and joblessness.  If not for the knowledge of our past, we might give up on the hope for future generations.  But, we know better.  We are better.  We will be better.  

With your help, we can mobilize our marginalized youth and disengaged millennials.  JUICE Orange Mound is the newest, hippest, progressive non-profit founded by a native of the community.  JUICE is prepared to execute a community mobilization strategy that will use simply 4% of the total population of the community to evoke change.  

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