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This is Me: Allan Creasy

My name is Allan Creasy. I'm 37 years old, a life-long resident of the 901, a graduate of the University of Memphis, a bartender, and last year I ran for public office. This is Me.

by Allan Creasy

There are many stereotypes that come with my vocation, however, the one that rings most true is that much of our time is spent listening to the problems of others. Often, it’s hearing the complaints about a significant other, about a tv show being cancelled, or the Tigers or Grizzlies not winning as much as we’d like them to. Sometimes the complaints are far more serious, about how someone couldn’t afford their healthcare or repay their student loans, or how their children’s school wasn’t what it should be, or how they had been the victim of a crime. I simply got tired of hearing these problems, and responding, “I wish there was something I could do.” Having volunteered for numerous non-profits and Campaigns, I decided that I needed to run for office, that there was “something I could do.”

Over the course of the last year, I personally knocked on about 3,000 doors of the constituents I wanted to represent, while volunteers for my Campaign knocked on another 17,000. I quickly discovered what people wanted most from their elected officials was to be listened to, to finally have someone hear their grievances and their wishes that their community become better.


Allan Creasy was born and raised in Shelby County. He grew up in Bartlett and graduated from Bolton High School. “Being able to ride my bike to W. J. Freeman park, where I broke my arm on playground equipment as a child, playing t-ball, baseball, and soccer, was part of a suburban upbringing that shaped me. Seeing how the neighborhood has grown and evolved has been amazing.” He went on to study History at the University of Memphis on full academic scholarship.

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