The real lesson 

in black panther

by Rhonnie Brewer

I have seen Black Panther twice in the last twenty-four hours. In true Marvel fashion, it is an amazing action-filled, superhero extravaganza! Stan Lee makes his traditional cameo.

There are fights scenes that make the audience gasp in surprise and product placement to makes you mentally check your bank balance.

But don’t let the amount of “Black Girl Magic” gracing the screen escape your notice. It is enough to make any black woman beam with pride and march through the lobby of the theater with her head held high, as not to disturb the tilt of her crown.

Yet, the true jewel of this movie is in its message.

The solidarity displayed by the African tribes lends fuel to the idea of black people working together for the overall benefit of our community.

The restraint used throughout the movie by the Wakanda during times of duress, places front and center the contrast in the savage way black people are normally portrayed in film and media. Planting in the minds of our children that they can be the hero, the creator of technology, or even the warrior.

Displaying the fierceness of our women in a way that is celebrated.

Glorifying the melanin in our skin and curve of our hips in a way that audiences yell back at the screen and say, “Yes, my sister, yes!”

My love for the way we are shown as technologically advanced, diplomatic, and self-reliant cannot be measured, and leaves me with unrestrained hope that this Hollywood blockbuster will light a flame.

A flame that will grow to a blazing inferno of unity in the black community. Inspiring us to rebuild with structure, organization and respect for heritage which can lead us to economic stability for our masses that is so badly needed.

Imagine it with me!

Our children with knowledge of science, math, art, and technology creating career paths to the jobs of the future. Stabilization of food resources in the black community. Less policing and more respect in our own neighborhoods, with us working together as “one single tribe”.

If those of us who showed up in record numbers which amounted to record-breaking sales for the Marvel Comic brand made a commitment to show up in the community and do our part, we could change the economic status of our community exponentially.

I am willing to do my part.

Are you?

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