I was in search of the perfect brunch spot

by Tom Hilton | Oct 29, 2017

When I first arrived in the states …. I was in search of the perfect brunch spot ….
being a chef who travels constantly, I’ve eaten all over the world, from fine dining restaurants to hole in the wall type fare, my first week away from the UK took me to San Francisco where I ate at some nice fancy places, but rather overpriced for what you truly get but then again… this is California, home to many a swanky establishments, with an opinion of you before you’ve entered the door.

So why brunch? Well firstly, it’s my favorite concept of eating … and everyone the world over knows America does it the best, so what brought me to Memphis? Besides the rich history and a certain special lady … the food of course!

For some time now, my friend has mentioned a certain local eatery called Brother Junipers on 3519 Walker Avenue … well, I was impressed by the philosophy of the place … a relaxed friendly and wholesome atmosphere as if you were there at home with your family around the table.

A real community hangout place that has held national acclaim for being one of the best breakfasts in America, and boy did they deliver!

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My friend and I were greeted at the door with warm and friendly smiles all around, We sat down and I ordered a double espresso. My friend a filter coffee … being the typical Brit that I am, we have a love for good deep and intense coffee in the morning, Brother Junipers definitely delivered well on this … the beans were perfectly roasted, giving off that rich aroma of high quality coffee that we all know and love, so a very good start to the brunch …

My friend had one of their omelets from their extensive selection of homemade sumptuous sounding omelets, along with a side of loaded cheese grits and a biscuit …. firstly wow the portion sizes we’re exceptional and the flavour very well balanced all around

Being British this was a first for me trying these new foods that we don’t have in the UK … for example, I had yet to try the infamous biscuit …. the warm soft buttery aroma wafting off the biscuit took me back to my days in the bakery which is a good sign of a good biscuit … the flavour really was sumptuous in the sense that it was flaky and buttery perfect with a side of honey or your favourite preserve, overall it ate really Well.

Now onto the loaded cheese grits … this item has a whole paragraph unto itself, it was that much of a revelation to my foreign palate … the onslaught of flavours hitting my mouth as I took each bite was something I’ve never experienced before and it was sensationally good, very well seasoned and balanced. The consistency of the grits were perfect, not too wet not too dry. It was so good I had ordered myself a pot and finished my friend’s portion too! Definitely two items I will be trying to recreate on my travels back home.

I ordered a Monte Cristo sandwich with a side of cheese grits and a biscuit …. well yes carb on carb on carb …. but who cares ?!?!? I’m on holiday and I’m a chef … no diets here … just good food.

I’ve learned about this famous sandwich when training as a chef and always been keen to try this beast of a eat…. it consisted of two slices of cinnamon French toast with the finest cuts of ham and melted Swiss cheese then toasted like a grilled cheese sandwich …. can life get any better ?!?!? That’s exactly how it made me feel, it took me back to my childhood of a famous classic my family used to make for breakfast. Served with butter and a side of maple syrup the best of both worlds salty and sweet!

All I have left to say is try it! You won’t be disappointed!

So to my curiosity, I had to order the cinnamon roll pancakes ???

Why? Well one, I have a big appetite and two I’m a sucker for anything sweet with cinnamon ….

These pancakes, hands down, were the best pancakes I’ve eaten in America … no forget that … the world !!! And I’ve eaten many many pancakes, all over, in search of the best ones and here I can safely say are the best!  They were so fluffy and light and not overly sweet they were the last thing I ate and I thought I was full but the moment I had my first bite of these delicious morsels I just couldn’t stop! They were light and fluffy with cinnamon sugar sprinkles all over and a generous drizzle of cream cheese icing …. they weren’t as sweet as you’d think but my oh my they were so insanely good! That I devoured the lot! My friend didn’t even get a look in, they were that good.

Are you hungry yet? Click to see the Menu!

And finally the bill came in … and to my surprise, it was half the price I thought it would be, very very good value for the money especially for the portion sizes but more importantly the flavours that danced all over my palate.
I knew the tipping culture is a whole new world compared to across the pond for us but this place honestly deserved the tip I gave them … they were so welcoming and attentive. They made me feel right at home.

To conclude my review

All I have left to say is
Memphis you are one lucky place to have an establishment this good!!
Keep it forever and never let go!
I hope this place will keep running eternally!!
No matter where you’re from, what your budget is
You gotta eat here !!!

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