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Profile Pages
#TeamGIVING profile pages are a great way to share everything about your organization in one place. JustMy also uses your profile page to drive donors, volunteers, and traffic to your organization. It is also used as a way of capturing stories about your organization that can be used as content for your blog and as features on JustMy. Here are a few of the first #TeamGIVING profiles!

Connect with the Community!

You are on your way to having a beautiful profile page on just My

Co-Branded SlideShows

#TeamGIVING Co-Branded Slideshow videos are perfect for Facebook and Instagram features. Use these to promote events, content, and for public service announcements. Your features are also shared on the local JustMy social feeds to expand the reach of your content!


JustMy introduces “StoryTeller” as a way to help businesses and non profit organizations capture content for their blogs and social networks. We have added this feature to #TeamGIVING so that your organization has a tool to ask for success stories, share events, and capture the impact you are having on the people you serve!

Event Promotions
No one promotes local events better than JustMy. The #FunCrew helps with planning and execution. We even provide promotion content that can be used on other media platforms. Our goal is simple, create better results for you!

We’ve got plenty of premium features

The #FunCrew is at your service with content and event promotions!

What makes #TeamGIVING work?


Ad Agencies and PR Firms rely on other media platforms to help get your message out. We built our own! Our Media Platform is here to share your stories. We are creating a community of local sites to promote your content. Local businesses and causes coming together to share the #BeAmazing stories of the community.

Exclusive Feature: Content Sharing
JustMy is teaming up with local area businesses to help spread the positive things going on in the communities we serve. We do this by adding #TeamGIVING features to the websites of our local Community Partners. They then share it on their social networks. The end result is your content gets seen all across the city and shared with a diverse audience. This is what we call a Win/Win!
Branded Video Features
Our video team is here to help you with all your production needs. PSA’s, training, program promotions, digital media kits, and funding presentations are just a few of the digital media content needs we help organizations develop. Our team can handle everything from production planning to video distribution. No one takes care of your brand better than #TeamGIVING!

Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns just happen to be one of the things we love the most! This is why we created the #FunCrew. Our crew will help you with your planning and execution and our goal is to crank up the fun while helping you to raise the money you need to carry out your mission!
Interactive Ads on JustMy

Interactive ads are connected to the biggest features in town and come with the power to include anything from videos to forms.  Plus when you update them, they are automatically updated on every feature you have sponsored!

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