Susie the Wedding Fiddler

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Susie Shortt is a premier artist known in the south as “Susie the Wedding Fiddler.”
People say she’s like the Taylor Swift of the Wedding Industry. Susie performs nationwide for weddings. She books anywhere from 1 to 5 years in advance.

How in the world did Susie become the Wedding Fiddler? After she was laid off and was going through a divorce, she asked herself. What makes Susie happy? She always performed weddings but to this point, she was doing it as a side job. She took a hard look at her life and talked to God about her concerns and prayed a lot. The Adam Sandler movie “The Wedding Singer” was her inspiration for her Company name (“Susie the Wedding Fiddler”). She took a leap of faith and made “Susie the Wedding Fiddler” happen. She has been a full-time professional musician ever since.

What makes her stand apart from the rest is her love affair with weddings and performing music for the ceremony. She makes it personal. It’s truly an honor to perform. Each couple, venue, vendor is unique. She cries at every wedding she performs a hopeless romantic at heart. She stays in touch with her clients and even became a Godmother to some of her former client’s children.

Susie personalizes each couple’s special day with personalized music. You do not have to have the traditional wedding music. Susie is a very diverse in her style of music. She can play any genre of music which makes her a well- rounded crafted musician.

Susie Shortt

Susie Shortt

Professional Violinist/Fiddle Artist

Susie is in high-demand as the wedding fiddler and is a premier artist in the wedding industry. Susie has been known to fill in for band/orchestras for top Vegas entertainers such as Wayne Newton. She is an award-winning violinist and has performed for various commercials and talk shows.

Susie is an award-winning violinist and has been showcased on The Today Show, AM Chicago, Talk of Alabama, Alabama Music Scene and has had featured articles in Borrowed & Blue, The Knot & To book Susie please visit or reach out on social media Facebook/Susie-The-Wedding-Fiddler or Twitter@weddingfiddler

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