Stronggirl fest
By Emily Grace Cater
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StrongGIRL Fest, what a wonderful way to support girls and women from all over. Girls are sometimes not able to do and be what they want to be, which this fest goes against all those negative thoughts. With fun activities, girls were able to be themselves while showing their strong attributes.

The activity that I helped run was with public speaking. Public speaking, though nerve-racking at times, shows that you have a voice. You get to speak your mind on a certain matter and show a different point of view that some people would have not seen before. I wanted to lead in this activity because I have seen when girls thought that they did not have voices, when their opinions did not matter. This activity supported girls and their ideas.

Hutchison and the Girl Scouts teamed up to create this fun day; they also created a spark in the girls that came. Whenever I would say what we would be doing in our room, I saw doubt that they would not be able to speak in front of everyone. Then I was surprised. The girls that looked like they were unable to speak in front of people, got up and spoke.

You could tell by how they woke up when they were faced with a challenge. They stood up front of the audience and told us what they would do if they were president and what they believe makes a strong girl. Though some girls did not know what to say, in my mind I thought that the fact that they got up and spoke and that is what made them strong.

Check out these StrongGIRLS!

Moments like this show how we will react to something that we are uncomfortable with. It shows that we can do something we thought we could never do. It paves the way for what girls might overcome in the future. Nevertheless, when you see the different people walking through the door you feel as though our future, as strong women, is secure.

The different places and faces show that we a strong in so many ways. In so many different people, with different backgrounds. It is so diverse but still connected over a broad subject, what makes a girl strong? Girls, they are supported and there is nothing anybody can do about it. This fest is just one example of our numbers, of our supporters, of our future.

It is a great feeling to know that I am supported as much as you are. Whether you are introverted, extroverted, girl, boy, different, you a supported even when you do not feel like it. Memphis supports you, your friends, you family they support you. The strong girl fest is a great way to show how wonderful you are.

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