Streets Ministries

Streets Ministries serves students living in Memphis’ toughest neighborhoods



Streets Ministries, through the love of Jesus Christ, engages, encourages and equips young people to achieve their potential by realizing their God-given purpose

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Streets Ministries serves students living in Memphis’ toughest neighborhoods through a wide range of educational, athletic, spiritual and mentor-based programming.

For nearly 30 years STREETS Ministries has provided a safe place for students to hang out, learn, grow, and be welcomed with an unconditional love based in Jesus Christ.

STREETS is an after-school program that meets students where they are with grace and understanding. Staff and volunteers spend hours each week investing time and resources one-on-one to build deeper relationships with students.

STREETS offers proven programs and cultural experiences designed to help students achieve their full mental, physical and spiritual potential.

STREETS provides the resources and opportunities students need most to put them on the path to academic and career success.

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Streets Ministries
430 Vance Avenue Memphis, TN 38126

Call Us: 901.525.7380
Open: 8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday – Friday

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Streets Ministries

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