Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee

Increase the education, health awareness, life skills, promote self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life of individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease.

Our Mission

To provide educational awareness, comprehensive social services, and collective supportive impact to all persons affected by Sickle Cell Disease within our service areas.

Contact Info

Sickle Cell Foundation of Tenneesee
680 Oakleaf Office Ln, Suite 101 Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: 901-552-4267
Fax: 901-572-1382

About Us

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee (SCFT) is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2008, by the late Dr. Trevor K. Thompson and Cherry N.Whitehead-Thompson. As an educator (Administrator with Memphis City Schools) and sickle cell disease consumer, Dr. Thompson championed the call for advocacy, educational support and social services for citizens impacted by sickle cell disease in Memphis, across the state of Tennessee, and in the regions of north Mississippi and eastern Arkansas. His efforts have enabled SCFT to provide educational awareness, through direct contact, via television, radio, print, and social media to more than 1,000,000 citizens across the Mid-South area.

Services & Programs

Social services

We offer a wide range of assistance for individuals with Sickle Cell please see all of our services on our website.

Burial assistance

A Sickle Cell client’s family/guardian can receive funds that are distributed on a first come first serve basis and paid directly to the Funeral home… read more

Housing assistance

To be eligible for utility assistance, the client must have Sickle Cell Disease and be a Mid-South Resident (Crittenden County, Arkansas; Desoto County, Mississippi) or reside in the State of Tennessee… read more

Sickle Cell Disease Trait Testing / Genetic Counseling

People who inherit one sickle cell gene and one normal gene have sickle cell trait (SCT). People with SCT usually do not have any of the symptoms of sickle cell disease (SCD), but they can pass the trait on to their children. Sickle Cell Disease trait testing is available at various SCFT events! read more

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