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Event spotlight

Meat Me in Memphis Gala

Meat Me in Memphis is our sole fundraising event for the Monogram Loves Kids Foundation. Our annual Meat Me in Memphis is held at one of Memphis’ iconic gala venues, The Columns at One Commerce Square.  The Columns offers 20,000 square feet of historic grandeur while providing all the modern attractions of a vibrant downtown. This year, Meat Me in Memphis will be held on Thursday, October 25 at 5:30 PM until 9:00 PM.

You’re Invited!


JustMy has decided the best way to help local non profits was to give them the services of a high-end Advertising Firm at the rates of a Volunteer team. We call it #TeamGIVING. It’s time to fuel your Goals with Fresh Content, Amazing Branded Videos, and the #FunCrew to power your Social Reach.
Media & Content Tools for growing non profits
With our #TeamGIVING club; organizations are getting more people to their events, more people to volunteer, and more donations.
As a result of fresh content, high-quality video features, and our excitement building #FunCrew we create emotionally engaging campaigns to benefit both large and small non profits.
We are looking for local non profits who want the
#BeAmazing results of a high-end Ad Agency, but at the price points of a volunteer crew!

Who do you know that needs #TeamGIVING?

fresh Content

Events, Fundraisers, and Community Programs are just the start of providing a fresh stream of content to your website and your social networks. StoryTeller from JustMy helps organizations pull in content from their supporters, clients, and staff.

Media speaks

With the help of the #FunCrew, JustMy provides video and photography to fuel all of your website, social network, and presentation needs. Video today is the way to communicate on every device and platform.

Distribution is Key

There are lots of agencies that can help you create content, #TeamGIVING and your local JustMy site provide you with a distribution network to get your content seen by more people than any other media platform.
The Season of giving means free gifts

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Getting You Seen!
#TeamGIVING is about having a team making sure you get Noticed with Original Content across today’s web of channels and devices.
Video Channels
The Ever Expanding #TeamGIVING Toolbox
In Kind Media Sponsorship Option up to $10,000
#TeamGIVING Premium members get in-kind media sponsorship for their events from $1500.00 to $10,000.00 based on their membership level.  In-Kind sponsorships provide advertising, video, pr, contests, and promotional support for your events.
Co-Branded Event Hosting
JustMy Co-Branded event hosting teams up with your organization to help create, promote, and organize community events. Our goal is to help you host more events that connect your mission to the community while taking some of the pressure off of you and your team to organize and promote these events.
PSA, Commercials, Educational and Training videos
We realize that sometimes your organization needs quality video production for your internal uses.  Things like employee training, volunteer training, client support, and more.  The #FunCrew is here to help you with all your video needs and because you are a premium member, your costs are dramatically reduced!
Marketing & Media Presentations
As a #TeamGIVING member, you get the full support of the #FunCrew to help with all your branding needs.  So anything from business cards to Sponsorship Packages, JustMy is here to help you.
Journalism and StoryTelling
It can be a challenge getting content for your website, your social networks, and to share with the media as it relates to the services you offer.  The writers at JustMy can help tell your stories.  Plus, JustMy offers the StoryTellers program that helps you crowdsource content from your clients, volunteers, and supporters.  We are your media partner.
Website Development & Hosting
JustMy knows how important a website can be for local non profits, so we design sites to help you accomplish your mission.  We know how to build sites that get you more donations, more volunteers, and more supporters.  Our goal is to give you a site that is very active in sharing your stories!
Press Release Management & Distribution
We will make sure your news shines. Press releases are important and they are a chance to really put your organization out there, without any take backs, it has to #BeAmazing. Let JustMy handle the management and distribution, including beautiful pictures and video that will get your point across to the community.  We submit your press releases to all the major media outlets.
Full-Service Video Production and Post-Production Services
Video production varies from simple to complex storytelling.  As a premium member of #TeamGIVING, you have a complete video production team at your access and your cost will always be lower than traditional video production services.  Plus we help you with distribution of your content with a goal of maximizing your ROI.
Event Promotions with Slideshow Videos
Stunning slide shows showcasing snaps (sorry didn’t mean to flex our alliteration muscles at you) from past events are a great way to get people to show up next time. Video is much more effective at getting your message out.  Sometimes you don’t need a big production.  Our slideshow videos are short and perfect for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Also they are included in the cost of most of our premium packages.
Media Library Sharing for the Press
The Media Library for #TeamGIVING members is a great way to store and share all your images and video clips. You can add images and share content at anytime. JustMy manages your library so we also have access to your images and branding materials to share with the press and to include in your features.
TeamLOCAL Content Sharing
JustMy is creating a local network of business organizations that love supporting and promoting the positive things going on in our city. #TeamLOCAL content sharing puts your articles and event announcements on local business websites and social networks to help expose you to a large and diverse audience. You are never alone with #TeamGIVING!
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Your Video Content Partner
Your website, your social networks, your presentations, and your fundraisers all make a splash with video.

Facebook & Instagram Videos

Research shows that from the moment a video is viewed (even for one second), there was an increase for ad recall, brand recognition, and purchase consideration. In other words, video makes an impact. JustMy creates square videos perfect for your brand messaging on Facebook and Instagram


Using video to tell the stories behind your events and your success stories is a great way to build excitement. The #FunCrew takes the creative load off of you by helping with everything from pre-production planning to final production and distribution of your videos.

Facebook Banners

When Facebook allowed businesses and non profits to add video banners to the top of their pages, they gave you the perfect real estate to get your messages across. Update your banners to promote events, seasons, and special features on your website. The #FunCrew has you covered!

Commercials and Presentations

Do you need video for TV use? Are you hosting an event with a Big Screen? High-Quality video features are a part of your #TeamGIVING service options. We handle the creative, the directing, music, and voice overs!