Say what you will about the $15 an hour thing

Ed Harris | Contributor

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MAY, 2017

My Thoughts

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Alright, I’ve got to get something off my chest. This is a pretty big deal folks, so listen up, and I’ll do my best to try and not hurt anyone in the McFeelings.

If you are a capable human, who is also capable of rational thought: It should never take you longer to tell a sandwich artist at Subway what condiments to put on your 6″ inch cold cut combo, than the time it takes for a man with 5 jobs to fill out his tax return……you see, Subway is a fast food restaurant.

Not “the” fast food restaurant, but definitely “a” fast food restaurant. Now, there is an emphasis on the “fast” that is very well known throughout the entire world. In fact, there is an entire industry that includes the word “fast” in the title. This type of business setup became known as……yep, you guessed it…the FAST FOOD industry! Notice how they didn’t take out the word fast? Notice how pissed off everyone, in every line, in every place, throughout your entire life have been? Notice that some people behind you had to be back at work in 15 minutes, but are going to be late because you wanted to try the teriyaki sauce?

…..say what you will about the $15 an hour thing. All I’m saying is that my expectations of a salary to deal with someone that takes 15 minutes to decide on what kind of freakin bread to use, would exceed that of $15/hr.

Now, it’s not that we all hate you, it’s just that 80% of the population that has ever had to wait in line behind you – DOES hate you. In fact, people have had horrible thoughts about you, trust me. There isn’t such thing as a “slow food restaurant,” probably because the name doesn’t sound too market worthy. However, maybe one day a complete sack of clueless, such as yourself, will open one. We will let you know! Point is, next time, plan ahead. Visit subway dot com, check it out, work up a masterpiece, write it down.

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If I had to do it all over again, I would have stood up for myself and the bands that I played for over the years much more than I did. I should have told these labels executives, A&R staff members, and private investors that our music is much more to us than something for you to try and squeeze a dollar out of. Not all, but most of the “movers and shakers” of the music industry that I have met throughout my career have never proven to be folks that share the same passion for music as the artists who create it……….Trust me, I have heard the whole, “We are going to make your music heard by the masses,” speech from more than one “music industry guy” in my lifetime. You’ve seen it in the movies, and it’s just as pathetic in person. Now, perhaps there are some exceptions out there, but I sure as hell have NEVER met ANY of those exceptions when it came to the handling of MY business and MY future in music……..I am not making excuses, I am to blame for not getting involved….I was young….I was inexperienced….I was stupid.

The common excuse that is accepted by most musicians has always been: “It’s called the music BUSINESS for a reason”…..well, hardy har har. That may be, but that’s no longer a valid excuse for me anymore, and here is why: It’s been my experience in business that the first step in creating a successful product is to care. It’s not just about caring for a product, it’s also about caring about how that product will impact the lives of those who purchase it…….now THAT is selling more than just music……that is selling passion…….and passion is what every business needs in order to survive.
So, having said all that, Ed Harris Music – Omerta will continue on my terms, on my dime, and with the passion that finds itself separated from these lackluster, outdated, and unwelcome business strategies that would screw up a lemonade stand in Florida during a heat wave in July. With the help of a very valued friend and artist that shares the same passion (David Cowell), there will be a new record coming out in 2017. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we will enjoy making it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and GOD bless you all!

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