Sable Otey

represents Memphis At the Olympics

by Jerome Robinson and Duy Nguyen

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Help SABLE OTEY complete her Olympic journey to the closing ceremony!

Just like preparation for anything on a world class level, training for bobsled takes lots of time. When I’m home, I spend anywhere from 2-3 hours in the gym and at least 2 hours outside per day. My training consists of hill sprints, sled pulls, sled pushes, squats, deadlifts, power cleans, and bench press.

I grew up in Binghampton, and graduated from East High School. At the age of 18, I eloped and moved away to San Diego CA. My husband served 2 cycles in the US. Navy, soon after, we somehow found our way back home. I loved San Diego, but I am so glad that God brought my family and I back to Memphis. I remember where I’ve come from, how much I’ve grown, and how I can use what I’ve learned to help others in my community.


Funding has definitely been a struggle. I have received some funding (I am very thankful for everyone that has helped me thus far), but most of the expenses that I have for bobsled have come out of my personal account. Expenses Include: Air Travel, Housing, Food, Car rental/gas, Facility usage for training, Treatment of neck/back pain with a chiropractic, and massage.

In Pyeong

In Pyeong, I will be there to support my team! This is such an exciting phase of my life! I can’t wait to share my journey and experiences! This is an opportunity that we all dream about and I am actually experience this opportunity! By the grace of God, This is my new reality!!

Help Needed

At this point, I need all of the financial assistance that I can get to finish up a grand season of bobsled! I need at 4k to be able to stay for the closing ceremonies!

This will include: Riding the railway everyday, Getting into events, Food, Housing, Travel, Shipment of clean water and snacks, Train ride to the airport.

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Sable shares her story . . .

Many individuals that truly know me, know that I’ve always been an athlete. I take training very seriously and I work hard! Although I possess the talent and work ethic, I’d often struggle mentally. On a daily basis, I would mentally tear myself down. I didn’t believe in myself as much as others did and I was not trusting in God as I should have. I would literally get to a competition and start thinking, “What if I didn’t do this, or what if I didn’t do that”?! I took myself out of the competition before it even began. If you are not mentally focused/mentally sound, you are already defeated. I’ve now learned that, in order to have positive thoughts, I first needed to completely trust in God. I have to truly believe that God is control and he will help overcome any obstacle. I then had to surround myself with positive, like-minded, and uplifting individuals. I knew that if I was ever going to achieve something that I’d never achieved, I had to do something that I’ve never done. I’ve been listening to a motivational speaker by the name of Les Brown. He says that, “In order to do something that you’ve never done, you have to be someone that you’ve never been”! I am doing just that! I am going to verbalize my dreams and my goals. I am not going to let doubt or fear, be the determinate of my destination. I am Olympic Hopeful! I want be an Olympian. I am going to make this team. I believe in myself.

I was just starting to train competitively for track and field again after having my son, Amar’e, who was two, but now three years of age. I found out from a really good friend and brother that there would be a Bobsled Combine in South Carolina. Approximately 2 weeks before the combine, I decided to stop training for track and work on the events that I would be performing in the combine. Although I didn’t have much time to train for the combine, I had high hopes. Everyone believed that I could do this! They knew that I could make it through! All I had to do was believe that I could do it too!

I participated in the bobsled combine on August 8, 2015 in Greenville, South Carolina. I received the second highest score, men and women combined. The events that were performed were: 15, 30, and 45 meter sprint; Flying 30 meter sprint; 12 pound shot put toss; Standing long jump. I didn’t perform as well as I’d like to, but I finally took the time out to tell myself, “You did it. You did a great Job”. From this day, the real journey began! I’ve been invited back to the Olympic training center on three different occasions: Rookie Push Camp, Push Championships, and National Team Trials! As of now, I will be racing on the North America’s Cup in Calgary, Canada and Whistler, Canada!

Making this team is very important to me as an athlete, wife, mother, teacher, and mentor. I want to be one of my son’s biggest hero’s and I want to continue to encourage moms! Having a kid is always a blessing. I use my family and my students as motivation. Never let your current situations, determine your future. If you want it bad enough and you work hard enough..You can and you will….Be great!

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