Refuge Memphis

Imparting hope in times of need with food, clothing, emergency shelter, and educational pathways.
Refuge Memphis Mission
Refuge Memphis is a local Community based 501( c) 3 charity whose vision is to continue to meet the need…develop the solution. Our MISSION is “Imparting hope in time of need with Clothing, Food, Emergency Shelter, and Educational Pathways.”
About Us
Founded in 2012, Refuge Memphis is a 501 ( c) 3 charity whose mission is to impart hope in time of need with food, clothing, emergency shelter, and educational pathways for individuals and families living in poverty in Shelby County, Tennessee. Its programs are being unified to operate as Operation Reach Out. Operation Reach Out uses a three-phase approach, Reactionary, Corrective, and Preventive in nature. All of which are designed to help break the cycles of generational poverty, crime, and social program dependence in Shelby County, TN.
Services & Programs


This is our monthly food and clothing distribution program. Last year, we distributed 108,000 pounds of food and 48,000 articles of clothing to over 11,000 people. Manna always has community partners set up that offer free services for health care, shots, job skills training, job listings, and literacy campaigns.

Shower of blessings

This program focuses on the homeless and poverty stricken families on Tuesday evenings. Refuge Memphis sends out vans to pick up the homeless, semi-homeless, and below poverty level families and brings them to our facilities to take hot showers, receive clean clothing, new under garments, and are seated and served a hot, home-cooked meal. Each guest is treated with utmost respect as we pour hope in restoring their dignity. We have community partners who are there to offer job skills training, job posting, listing of services that they may qualify for, and offer assistance in securing housing.

refuge kids

Refuge Kids has numerous layers in its services we provide for children.  Partnering with Youth Villages to provide encouragement and exposure to art as outlets.  Operation Perseverance is a youth led program that is spreading throughout local school systems that teaches the young generation that they are the answers to today’s issues like bullying, poverty, and how to show love to the forgotten whether it’s making wrap around blankets for foster kids or the elderly.  These kids are tomorrow’s leaders!
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