Mar 11, 2016 | Eat Dine Chow, Headlines, Midtown, Midtown Edition

By Michael B @ ONE901

I met up with two friends for lunch yesterday. We call our rag tag group the “Lunch Buddies”. We are our own super secret lunch foodie group.

I’ve already said way too much because the first rule of Lunch Buddies is that you don’t speak about Lunch Buddies.

So now that I’ve broken the rules of Lunch Buddies, I will let you know where we went. We went to one of our favorite spots, The Slider Inn. The name always makes me giggle, but I also have an above average dirty mind.

Ok here’s rule 2 of Lunch Buddies; no one can get the exact same thing. That defeats the purpose of everyone trying something new, duh. Now that sounds easy, but it’s really hard to do. Here’s our go at it…

Slider Inn: The inside is lined with empty Jameson bottles

Slider Inn: Fried Buffalo Chicken, This Pork is a Jerk, Nuts & Berries with Bacon

Slider Inn: Fried Green tomato BLT, Bleu Cheese Burger, Falafel Burger

Slider Inn: Chick-N-Fill-Ay, Memphis Original, Flatiron Steak

So we were successful in getting completely different options. There are more choices in the menu, by the way. You could probably come up with a 1000 combinations. We might have to accept that challenge.

Go check out The Slider Inn if you're in the Midtown area. They are on the corner of Peabody and Cooper.

Life is for Living, Michael B.

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