stand beside her week

By Elizabeth Roper and Molly Delaney

October 28th-November 3rd 2018 marked the fifth annual National Stand Beside Her Week, the annual nationwide celebration of this captivating movement celebrating girls and women everywhere. Created in 2014 by Girl Scouts Heart of the South, the National Stand Beside Her Movement encourages girls and women to connect and support each other; to value themselves and have the confidence to celebrate their own unique gifts and applaud the successes of others. This Memphis-born and now national movement is a call to action for women and girls to unite their voices in a divisive world and end the comparison, competition and criticism that undermines female relationships. The National Stand Beside Her Movement culminates each year during the last week in October to encourage people to commit to supporting all girls and women from the classroom to the board room!

Throughout the week, a myriad of events took place! The third annual FedEx Stand Beside Her Celebration kicked off on Sunday, October 28 at The Grove at Red Oak Lake. Over 130 girls attended the fun and free event that featured STEM and leadership activities for Girl Scouts in grades 2-8. Girl Scouts were welcomed by Melanie Schild, CEO of Girl Scouts Heart of the South and Leslie James, a marketing specialist advisor with FedEx. The girls had a big dance party before parting into groups for the day’s activities.

irls practiced their engineering skills by building small cars, testing different building structures, and creating miniature water filtration systems. The celebration also included physical activities such as 9 square, and a new favorite, Gopher Ball. Gopher Ball is a lot like basketball, lacrosse, or soccer, but the girls had to do all the work from their individual hole cut into floor. The limited range of motion meant girls had to rely on their communication and teamwork skills to succeed. The game was a great team building experience that showed girls the importance of trusting your teammates.

The day ended with a pizza party and prize giveaway. Girls won prizes such as a coding kit and a geology kit. At the end of the event, nearly all the girls said they tried something new and made a new friend at the celebration. Thank you, FedEx, for hosting this awesome event!

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On October 29th, kid advocate, Girl Scout, and author, Jordan Ashley Greene led a workshop on confidence. At only fifteen years of age, Jordan held an inspiring discussion about confidence with local Girl Scouts ranging in age from six to sixteen. This discussion went hand in hand with her second book, “The Confidence Club,” a narrative about relatable girls and their journey finding confidence. “The Confidence Club” follows Jordan’s first book, “My Gift of Difference, 7 Steps to Embracing Your Learning Difference,” an inspiring book that aims to help kids overcome discouraging feelings of having a learning difference. Each girl that attended Jordan’s workshop walked away with their very own signed copy of “The Confidence Club.” To get your very own copy, you can purchase both of Jordan’s books either on Amazon or at the Girl Scouts Heart of the South council office. To see about joining Girl Scouts please visit

The next event that occurred during Stand Beside Her week was the Stand Beside Her Memphis partner showcase. On a local level, this event allowed partners of Stand Beside Her Memphis to showcase their organizations and speak to attendees on way in which to get involved! Partners in attendance included Dress for Success, Hutchison School, NAWBO Memphis, The Orpheum, The Junior League, The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis, Junior Auxiliary, and author CN Nash. This event took place at the Girl Scouts Heart of the South office in their brand new Imagine Center. Open to all women, this event was a wonderful opportunity to hear from several girl and women-serving organizations in the Memphis area!

National stand beside her week recap!

The following evening, Girl Scouts Heart of the South hosted an event at Hutchison school for Girl Scout Alumnae and volunteers. This event featured Girl Scouts Heart of the South board member, Jil Jordan Greene. Jil has partnered with the Girl Scouts Heart of the South to provide personal development workshops for volunteers. Entitled “Women Winning at Life,” this presentation kicked off Jil Greene’s “Women Winning at Life” video series, a personal and professional development series created for Girl Scout alumnae, parents, and volunteers.

This series will cover topic such as communication, teamwork, diversity and inclusion, and conflict resolution. It is designed to help women elevate their performance at work, engage in their community, and empower those they mentor and lead. This kickoff event had volunteers excited to see what else comes from Jil’s series! If you are interested in learning about ways in which you can volunteer with Girl Scouts and have access to these wonderful opportunities, please visit

Finally, the series of events ended with the Stand Beside Her Women’s networking hour held at Railgarten on November 7th. This networking event brought together women of all ages, backgrounds, and professions to spread the word about Stand Beside Her. During this networking event women enjoyed Girl Scout cookie-themed cocktails, played networking bingo, and learned about ways they can volunteer for Girl Scouts through Troop 901.

Hosted by Girl Scouts Heart of the South, Troop 901 is a young professionals’ group for women who want to work together to build a stronger Memphis. Whether you were a Girl Scout growing up or would like to get involved with the premier leadership organization for girls now, Troop 901 is a fun way to show your support and make the future brighter for Memphis-area girls. This group engages and empowers young professional women to connect with each other and support Girl Scouts Heart of the South. Focused on fun, social outings and events, Troop 901 is the perfect place to make it all happen. For more info, email: or

For more information on how you can get involved in Stand Beside Her, please visit,, “Like” our Facebook pages, follow Stand Beside Her on Instagram, and feel free to reach out to either Molly Delaney, Leadership Manager with Girl Scouts Heart of the South at, or Elizabeth Roper, Events Specialist with Girl Scouts Heart of the South at For more information on joining Girl Scouts, please visit

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