#MyColiseum - The Heart of a City Built on Rock and Roll

by Jerome Robinson | Nov 3, 2017

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People from all over the world talk about coming to Memphis. They come for the music, they come for the history, they come for the BBQ. Our kids are leaving because they say there is nothing here. Who could blame them for thinking this way. We keep building things and then throwing them away. City leaders said we needed Mud Island, we need the Pyramid, we need a Trolley system, we need a mall on main street. Millions and millions of dollars spent over and over again. Then what? We forget them, leave them to fall into a state of disrepair, and then spend millions again on the next new thing.

We are a city built on grind, we are a city built on change, and we are a city built on Rock and Roll. The heart of our city since the early 1960’s has beat loud around the world. That pounding you hear was coming from the Mid-South Coliseum. Today our city leaders would like to stop that heart beat!

We have been given every reason under the sun by the last 3 city administrations for why we need to close the heart of our city down. Leaders have just made up things hoping we would simply buy the lies. They lied and said there was mold through out the building. They lied and said the structure was not sound. Then they made up numbers as to what it would cost to update the building. These numbers keep changing in hopes that our community will give up on the heart of our city.

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The question for our city leaders is not an either or thing. It’s a why can’t we have both thing? Think of the Fairgrounds as the park of the future with a world class stadium, a historic carousel and children’s museum, a state of the art community center, a multi purpose arena hosting weekly events, a hotel with shopping and dining built into to save space, and a youth sports center to celebrate and inspire greatness in our youth. Why can’t Memphis under Mayor Jim Strickland be the leader of the south? Why do we as a city allow our home town to take a back seat to Nashville and North Mississippi?

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