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418 National Parks in Three Years
Mikah is going to spend three years visiting every National Park Service site (418 sites to be exact) and he is ending his journey April 29th at the Washington Monument. He is inviting everyone to come out and celebrate!

by Mikah Meyers

On April 29, 2016 I launched a 3-year journey to visit all 411 National Park Service (NPS) sites. That number has since grown to 418,* and I’m planning to finish on April 29, 2019 three years to the minute this road trip began at the Washington Monument.

While this journey has been an attempt to be the sole person to visit all NPS sites in one continuous journey, it has not been a solo project. There is no way I’d be two months and 29 sites from finishing this odyssey were it not for the thousands of people around the world who joined this journey in some way. By sharing park tips via my Facebook page, providing a place to stay or warm meal during trying times on the road, donating to the project’s expenses, or Liking and Sharing posts on social media that allowed the parks and the messages of this road trip to reach further.

So to celebrate this “WE” moment, I’m inviting you to join me for the Finale of this journey. Details are below, or in this Facebook event. Due to the Monday timing of April 29, I invite you to make it a weekend in Washington DC. Exploring the 23 NPS sites in America’s capital and the numerous in surrounding states.

Monday April 29th – Itinerary

10:00am – Meeting Time at the Washington Monument Lodge (the gift shop/bathrooms on the East Side of the Monument)

10:30am – Prepare for 11am departure from the Washington Monument by walking to the Monument’s base

10:59am – Everyone puts their hand on the Washington Monument (pending construction ending) where I started this journey at 11am on April 29, 2016.

11am – Begin the walk as a group to The Lincoln Memorial, my final site! We’ll ascend the steps together and look back at the Washington Monument from the same spot MLK Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech and under the gaze of a President known for civil rights (and my Nebraska hometown’s name). Then this 3-year journey to all 56 states and territories will be complete!

– Mikah will remain on site for media interviews immediately following the completion


With April 29, 2016, marking the 11th anniversary of his father’s passing from cancer, Mikah honored his dad’s love of driving by making life out of death and launching his journey to experience all 400+ units of the U.S. National Park System, attempting to become the youngest person to experience every unit and the sole person to do so in a continuous journey. The project is scheduled to be completed on April 29, 2019.


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