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Monogram foods fundraiser
By Ellen Butterflyy Allen – Guest Blogger

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On Thursday, October 25, I was invited to a fundraiser for Monogram Foods at the Columns. Let me say first, I appreciate JustMyMemphis. They are the premier marketing base for those looking to grow their business, start their business, and expose their business to profitability. Back to the fundraiser, I stepped into a space that was full of vitality, unity, and purpose. The evening began with a gentleman holding my hand to escort me down the steps, opening the door for me, and following up with a compliment. Guests were greeted by some of the best people assisting with registration. Sometimes we attend functions and people are not excited about their position, but these ladies and gentlemen were proficient, enthusiastic, and helpful. Kudos to the registration process.
Before that night, I had never heard of Monogram Foods, so of course I had to do some research. I found out that Monogram is about family, community, and of course, children. Often times, corporations service children, but in this instance Monogram Foods takes pride in providing good wholesome meats. We all need the protein.

The night progressed very well. Guest donors, supporters, and sponsors were entertained by the vibrant sounds of a live band. The mini restaurant tours were all welcoming, no shortages, and the samples were very good. We don’t even have to talk about the open bar.

Event Recap

Often times fundraising can be boring, but with this new era of millennials the event was extremely entertaining. Outside of the food and the bar, there was a lot of mixing and mingling people from every walk of life. It’s nice to walk into an event and see people interacting. Unity for the purpose of serving the majority.

The silent auction had an array of wines, cigars, and many different items that were up for grabs. The bidding process was easy, once you registered you were able to bid from your phone. Monogram took the haggle out of getting lost in the bidding war. They also ensured the settlement of checks and balances at the night’s end, a job well done.

The live auction was also nice, as there were plenty of items being auctioned off. Who doesn’t enjoy the enthusiasm of an auctioneer? To see the auction floor become center stage for people eager and excited for their number to be chosen is exhilarating. I’m pretty sure at the fundraiser’s end, Monogram was able to reach their goal.

Hopefully the kindness of the attendees pulled in enough donations. Monogram now has the proceeds from their biggest annual fundraiser to designate to the continuum of providing quality meats, services, and products. Nationally, their platform can grow and of course locally, here in Memphis, we’d like to see and hear of more community expansion.

A shoutout to the many restaurants that dedicated their time and energies. Event planning requires contribution of many. To everyone who made this night special, not only for people like me who were invited guests, but for those who continue to support the needs of others day in and day out.

Congrats to Monogram for giving back while receiving. I had the time of my life Oct 25, 2018, and I look forward to Monogram’s future growth and expansion.

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