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It’s Time to March for Babies

The 2018 March for Babies will highlight the strength of families affected by premature birth, birth defects and the loss of a child, celebrate the strides we’ve made towards accomplishing our mission and applaud the fundraising efforts of our donors. On May 5, 2018 over 1,000 individuals will come together at Shelby Farms Park around the lake to support the March of Dimes. Our goal is to raise a total of $300,000 for healthier future for babies.

Meet the March for Babies 2018 Ambassador: ALEXANDER CERPA

Alexander Cerpa joined the world early at 32.5 weeks weighing in at 4lb6oz and 17 inches long. He was kicking and screaming from the start indicating that all was working well. All initial signs were good, but because he was a preemie, he lived in the NICU after birth, for monitoring. On Day 3, the NICU docs found through X-ray that Alexander had an intestinal blockage that would require surgery. So Le Bonheur’s Pedi-Flite team packed him up carefully in an ambulance and took our little family to their NICU. Alexander was in surgery later that day under the careful hands of Dr. Tim Jancelewicz and team, who very successfully repaired Alexander’s plumbing. From that day forward, we lived in the Le Bonheur NICU for about a month so that Alexander’s intestines could heal and develop. He’s never looked back since! We are so grateful to the Le Bonheur NICU as well as the March of Dimes. The organization funds research for prevention and awareness of prematurity, and fund grants to hospitals like Le Bonheur, so that their teams can continue thriving and saving lives. As the ambassador family, we encourage other families and individuals to get involved with these organizations through financial or volunteer support.

Share Your Why!

My name is Jerome Robinson and I am the founder of JustMyMemphis. I want to ask you to share your story of, Why you are Marching for Babies! I ask this because the March of Dimes needs your help and the help of your friends and family. One great way to get others involved is by sharing your personal story. Your words, your experience, your why can help motivate others to join us in the March for Babies.

I was very excited to help the March of Dimes this year, but I realized minutes before speaking at the Kickoff that I had not shared my WHY! So let me tell you why I am walking.

My mother was a single mom and she had three kids. Even many of my close friends and mom’s close friends did not know there were three of us kids. My older sister was not a healthy baby. Mom got sick during her pregnancy and the results were tragic for Betty. My older sister by one year was born with cataracts in her eyes. I have been told that this was like looking through a frosty or fogged-up window. So I am not sure that Betty ever knew what our mom really looked like. But this was just the start of Betty’s health issues.

Betty also had a hole in her heart. She did not get the medical attention she needed, our mom was a minor and my dad had reasons for not wanting Betty to be seen by a doctor. One day Betty cried and cried until finally her chest started to swell. There was no option but to get her to the hospital. Betty was taken to John Gaston Hospital, now known as Regional One. Betty would stay there and have open heart surgery. The hole was fixed and then another one opened. Finally during a third open heart surgery, she died. Because of issues our of her control, Betty was not a healthy baby. There was only one black and white photo of Betty and it was destroyed during a house fire that took everything else I had at the time. Betty’s death was hard on my mom. But as life would have it, she had to pick herself up quick because life was not done knocking her down just yet.

A few years after mom’s death, my first and only child was born. I remember her birth just like it was yesterday. Is she ok? Am I ready to be a dad? What will tomorrow bring for her?

Sky was born healthy, and for that I am very thankful. So I walk and support the March of Dimes for Betty and the many moms who didn’t have a healthy baby, and I walk for Sky because I am so thankful that she is healthy. Please join me in support of the March of Dimes. Register for the walk today and share your why today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about March for Babies.

Am I Required To Meet My Fundraising Goal?

No, we ask that you make your best effort to meet your fundraising goal to help us in improving the health of babies.

Is Fundraising A Requirement To Participate In The Event? Can I Just Donate And Participate?

No, fundraising is not required. However, March for Babies is a fundraising event, so we’d like everyone to either make a personal donation or ask others to donate to help babies. We can’t fight premature birth without you!

Where Can I Find My Fundraising URL (Link) To Give To Potential Donors?

When you sign in to your account, it is just below the big cover photo. Click the “copy” button and then paste it where you need it.

If you send emails or post to social sites from your fundraiser page, we automatically include a link to your page so you don’t have to. Choose “fundraise” in the navigation to get started.

I've Already Joined March For Babies, How Do I Join Or Create A Team?

First, sign in at

Start A New Team:

  • Click the “START A TEAM” link under your name on your fundraiser page.
  • Enter all the necessary team info (Family team/Company/Club, team name, fundraising goal, address, etc.)
  • Click the “CREATE TEAM” link.
  • Then, you will be brought to a page to review your team’s event information. If the event is not correct, click the “CHANGE LOCATION” link and choose the correct event. If it is correct, just click “CONTINUE” and you will return to your fundraiser page.
  • Your team is now created and you can manage it by clicking the “CAPTAIN” tab in the navigation bar.

Join An Existing Team:

  • Click the “JOIN” a team link under your name on your fundraiser page.
  • Enter the team information in the search box. Be sure to check that the distance and ZIP code are correct
  • Select your team from the search results, or search again if needed.
  • Click the “JOIN” button in the appropriate row.
What Is The List Of Incentives?
  • $100 – Official March for Babies event t-shirt
  • $250 – March for Babies fashion tote OR leather journal + event t-shirt
  • $500 – March for Babies computer backpack OR picnic blanket tote + event t-shirt
  • $500 – Personalized “Why I Walk” sign displayed on the walk route
  • $1000 – Champion for Babies hat + round beach towel OR yoga mat + event t-shirt
  • $2,500 – Champion for Babies hat + Igloo Cooler OR terri hoodie + event t-shirt
  • $5,000 – Champion for Babies hat + travel duffel OR insulated jacket + event t-shirt
  • $10,000 – Champion for Babies hat + sport couch OR Under Armour jacket + event t-shirt

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